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green monster smoothie variations

I’ve been playing around with the standard green monster smoothie recipe and wanted to share some of my findings.

Apple – My favorite! I cut one up fresh, remove the core and throw the pieces in, skin intact. It makes the drink incredibly sweet and more filling. This is the perfect add in, IMO.


Pineapple – refreshing, but the combo with peanut butter just didn’t work well. Leaving the peanut butter out was a nice variation, though. It had a tropical flavor with the banana and pineapple flavors coming through strong.

Blueberries – Yummmm! Great combo. Fresh blueberries didn’t add much flavor, unfortunately. Frozen was a different story. I especially love the frozen organic wild blueberries from trader joes. They’re incredibly sweet and have a great flavor. It also blends up bright blue! I made one this morning, but didn’t think ahead to get a picture before I drank it all. Here’s a photo of the remnants.

Strawberries – ripe ones are fantastic. They add a nice sweetness and flavor. Think banana pb&j sandwich. Well, without the bread, that is. Again, Trader Joe’s has a great frozen organic variety that I like to keep on hand, especially when strawberries are not in season.

Flax seed – I’ve been adding this to just about every thing recently. The flavor is slight, adding just a bit of nuttiness to the drink. The health benefits of ground flaxseed are great, and I have a big container to use up, so why not throw some in.

Frozen spinach – fresh is probably best, but we used all of our fresh stuff for juicing this week, so I scoured the freezer looking for another option. My favorite? Trader Joe’s pesticide free spinach. It has a good flavor and cooks up well. Turns out, it also blends nicely in smoothies! It blends better if it’s slightly defrosted, so throw it in the microwave on defrost or pour some out ahead of time to give it time to defrost.

Let me know about any other creative variations you discover!


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