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the no ‘poo experiment

To be clear, I’m not talking about the #2 kind of poo… rather, no SHAMpoo. And, to really, truly be fair in my description, this should be called the “baking soda ‘poo & vinegar rinse experiment”, but now we’re getting quite technical.

I heard about this “no shampoo” idea years ago, and was intrigued. I never actually had the guts to try it, though. I just couldn’t get past the idea of a couple weeks of gross hair during the intermediary period where you’re waiting for your natural oils to take back over. The weeks after having C would have been a fantastic time to try it, given that showers were a luxury anyway, but that wasn’t a voluntary circumstance, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the showers I did get back then, beauty products included.

Back to the point… the no shampoo idea has been around for a while. Seriously, there are so many websites about it. I’ll just link the wiki page here, and you can hit up Google for the rest. I came across the idea again while researching lotion recipes. Once again, intrigued. Considering I have a potential job meeting next week, the timing really isn’t great for this experiment, but I figured I’d give it a week and if my hair is a horrid mess by next Sunday night, I’ll go back to my old ways.

We first tried this new method on C. She has so little hair, that I figured it wouldn’t be devastating to her if it didn’t turn out well. Poor C… our little guinea pig. Her hair has been a challenge for us – any time she sleeps on it (bed, carseat or otherwise) it turns in to a nasty rats nest. The only treatment is a spray bottle with a mix of an all natural conditioner and water. It’s essentially a homemade detangler. Spray in, then comb out. It’s worked, but it would be nice if her hair was less nappy to begin with.

C's standard "wake up" hair

Well, I was pleased to report that her hair was much more manageable and less of “Russel Brand”-esque after the first baking soda wash! Subsequent “washings” gave us nice, manageable hair. I even plastered a Dora sticker on the front of her bottle of “shampoo” so she’d be excited to use it. The marketing worked – she wanted to wash her hair immediately. After seeing the positive results for C, I was convinced this was worth a shot for me, as well (I left the Dora sticker off my bottle, though).

  • Day 1 – Saturday night, after our friends left from an soiree at our home, I hopped in the shower with my baking soda & water mixture and gave it a shot. I followed it with a white vinegar and water rinse.

Some of the websites I saw mention that you should not use white vinegar (opting for apple cider instead) as a rinse, but I’ve found others that support it. The websites that say not to don’t give any good reason why I shouldn’t, so I choose to ignore their advice. Maybe they’re in cahoots with the apple cider vinegar racket. Here’s one added benefit of white vinegar;

“white vinegar is powerful enough to provide an effective solution for creating or enhancing blonde hair highlights…”
(Read more:

Those highlights I’ve spent mucho dinero on are looking brighter and better than ever. Who woulda thunk it!?

  • Day 2 – Sunday. This is the first time I’ve gotten a good look at my hair, as I threw it up in a ponytail wet and went to bed late Saturday night. Still damp in the morning, I combed it out again and blow dried it. Although it seemed thicker than normal, it was surprisingly easy to comb through.
  • Day 3 – Monday. My hair was still looking pretty darn good, so I skipped washing it today. Thick, full of volume, not at all greasy.
  • Day 4 – Tuesday. Still not much oil build up, but I decided it was time to give the baking soda and vinegar routine another go, just for preventative measures. Again, combed out easily and was thicker than normal. It was nice and straight today, despite the drizzly weather (which usually makes my hair quite wavy).
I think I may add some essential oils to the vinegar rinse, just to make it smell pretty. Some vanilla paired with lavender or grapefruit extract. I’ve also seen suggestions of steeping some nice smelling herbal tea in with the mixture.

I’ll update again as the week progresses. So far, so good. I wish I tried this sooner!

My next experiment? I love this homemade deodorant recipe… I’m thinking this one is probably best to try out in the winter time. :)


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