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best idea ever: shoe box clothing

I <3 this idea so much. I first heard of it through some “tips and tricks” clip I watched online. I saw it several months back and the suggestion was really was more related to school aged kids, so I stashed it away at the back of my head as a cool trick I could try some day in the future.

Enter preschool. Enter busy mornings. Enter a mad dash to get C to school on time. I’ve embraced this idea sooner than I thought necessary.

The basic idea is this – create boxes for each day of the week (C’s stuff is small, so I used shoe boxes I found at walmart for $1). Inside, prep the clothes you’ll need for the day. I have pants, a long sleeve shirt, a short sleeve shirt, socks and a sweater in each box. I prep the boxes when I’m putting away C’s laundry, as that makes it really simple to find coordinating outfits. Then, on the morning in question, pull the box, throw on the clothes, and get out the door in record time. It’s fantastic.

I even put together a box for her ballet stuff. Mostly, it’s great to 1) have a place to throw the misc ballet items I come across during the week and 2) know exactly where everything is the morning of ballet practice.

I’m amazed at how much time savings this really equates to. I, like most moms, like to coordinate C’s clothes. Or at least not have them completely clash. Here’s a recount of our usual pre-boxed clothing morning. Find red pants… scour the shirt drawer to find a shirt that’s neutral or has red in it. Avoid pink, blue, purple. Nothing? Ok, new approach. Find a shirt I like, then try to find pants that match. Settle on jeans. Put shirt on, pull jeans on, only to discover they are so incredibly large on C that they fall down when she tries to walk around. Find another pair of pants… realize it clashes with the shirt… seek out another shirt. After about 4 outfit changes, we finally find something suitable and are able to move forward with our day. Find socks. No matching socks? At this point, I just don’t care. We’re both frustrated and ready to let C run around in her diaper.

After starting this process several weeks ago, I didn’t prep the boxes last week, and most mornings went something like that. Chaotic. Frustrating. Lots of wasted time. I’m so in love with this idea.




My husband has an amazing ability to keep things tidy. I like to think of myself as an organized person, but he blows me away when it comes to things like putting away a suitcase or a bag of whatever. It seriously impresses me. When we come home from shopping, a trip, wherever, bags are unpacked and put away almost immediately.

I have a terrible habit of leaving my suitcase always half packed, grabbing things out as I need them, but never fully emptying it. Maybe it’s a holdover from the days when I traveled constantly. It never benefited you to fully unpack, as you could be out the door again with less than a days notice.

When we came home from Christmas this year, bags were unpacked from the car to the living room, then all of Ben’s things were sorted and put away the next day. Mine? Not so much. I’ve tried to pick up some of his good habits, and go through my bags in a reasonable amount of time, but some stuff resides in bags for weeks. Maybe months. Ok, ok, I may have a bag from christmas last year hiding away somewhere. That’s me, the bag lady. Not quite what comes to mind when you hear that phrase, but applicable all the same. Just ask my husband.

The thing is, I have a system. I know where to find what I’m looking for with my “bag” method. Not saying it’s the best system, by any means, but it works. I’m generally able to find things when I need them, so this terrible system of mine works. There’s not much down side to it. Until that happens, I probably won’t change my ways, as much as I might want to.

Enthralling blog today, eh? Running out of steam these days. The ideas aren’t flowing as well. It could be the vice grip that this headache has over my noggin and the fogginess that accompanies it. I’ll blame it on that.

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