c’s artwork

I’ve started a project of digitizing C’s artwork. She has a large file of artwork that has grown since birth. Daycare & preschool are fantastic about keeping her busy with art time, but that means we have a lot of paper – and need to figure out what to keep a physical copy of and what to digitize.

In the meantime, I’m digitizing everything. I’ll go back through once this project is over and figure out what to keep. My hope is to take these images and print a large collage that we can hang on C’s wall.

Here’s a sampling of some of her recent work…

2012-07-15 10.17.16
2012-07-15 11.31.47

2012-07-15 11.08.11
“Soduku” (this is a drawing of a handheld soduku game we have in our coffee table – she even drew “numbers” on it)2012-07-15 11.35.45“Cloud & Birds”

2012-07-15 11.34.46

2012-07-15 11.34.55

2012-07-15 11.19.32

2012-07-15 11.07.43“Egg & Milk”
(view from the top)2012-07-15 11.30.14

2012-07-15 11.31.18
“Monkey Bathtime”

2012-07-15 10.18.30
“Mommy & C”

2012-07-15 11.28.04
2012-07-15 11.35.10“C” (her teachers were so impressed with this one that it was displayed on the wall all day when she drew it!)

I’m probably a bit biased, but I’m pretty impressed! Not too shabby for a two and a half year old, eh?


1 Response to “c’s artwork”

  1. 1 Ginger July 18, 2012 at 8:57 AM

    Love it! I am totally impressed with her people drawings!!!!!

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