favorite things friday: banana cream

2012-07-13 21.44.13Ah, yes… it’s been a while since my last "favorite things friday" post… but this one? this was worth the wait.

I’m six days in to a 21 day sugar detox. So far, so good. What it boils down to (in case you couldn’t tell from the name) is very, very little sugar for 21 days. Absolutely no forms of processed sugar, processed carbs or artificial sweeteners. I’m surprised that going cold turkey is actually easier than trying to reduce carbs or use artificial replacements. There’s a small amount of wiggle room – in the form of one green apple and one green tipped banana allowed daily. For best results, these, too, can be avoided, but in a pinch, they are a fantastic treat. Especially when you do what I’m about to describe…

1. Start with a green tipped banana, a pint of organic heavy whipping cream and a green apple.

2. Using a blender (I used my immersion blender), whip up the banana and heavy whipping cream until light and fluffy.

3. Slice up your apple.

4. Dip apple slices in to the banana cream and enjoy!

The banana adds just enough sweetness to the cream to make it a light and lovely treat! It reminds me of a banana cream pie.

2012-07-13 21.44.45

This is best enjoyed freshly made. After a day, the banana in the cream starts to oxidize and turns a bit brown, as shown above (it also kicks off a bit of excess liquid). It still tastes ok, but just doesn’t look as pretty. Really, it’s such a breeze to make, that small batches made fresh is the way to go!


*Note: I just re-read the rules… and you’re limited to EITHER one green apple or one green tipped banana per day. Considering mine had two fruits, but I stretched it over two nights (had half last night, half tonight), I still technically stayed within the rules… just barely, though!


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