climbing a rock

Tsk, tsk. What ever happened to those aspirations to write more? Where are all those posts that you planned to write? Those ideas that come to you in the shower? The project and craft ideas I’m so inspired to write about? I don’t have any good excuses, so I’ll just move forward.

This past weekend, I climbed up a rock. A really BIG rock. A mountain, in fact. Saturday afternoon, under the heat of the sun, I stood atop the amazing mountain known as Half Dome. It was truly an amazing experience. The sheer physical exertion, mental determination and will power needed to make it to the top can be daunting. Actually making it happen, finding myself at the top made me question…did I really just do that?

Ben and I teamed up with my brother, Chris, and our friend, Michelle, for our trek. We made our way down to Yosemite early Friday morning, and started our long hike in to Little Yosemite Valley (the backpacker’s camp) early afternoon. The hike in was around five miles, which would normally be a decent workout, but adding in the altitude, elevation gain and 20+ pound backpacks made it rather grueling. Still, we trudged on and found ourselves at camp in about four hours. It was a slow pace, but we intended it that way, so none of us were feeling too badly that it took us so long. We set up camp, ate our dinner, played a few games of “Blisters” and called it a night early.

Saturday morning, we got up early, ate our breakfast and made our way out for the three and a half mile hike to the top of half dome. Sounds pretty easy, right? No, I didn’t think so either. We made it to the subdome around 9am, give or take 30 minutes. From there, the cables present both a mental and physical challenge. The sheer pitch of the mountain is nauseating. The narrow cables affixed to the mountain and guiding the way are equally sickening. Still, we pushed on. Pulling on our gloves and starting from the bottom, we went up the mountain one step at a time.

The view from the top was simply breathtaking. Simply. Breathtaking. (photos to follow)

We made our way back to camp Saturday afternoon, took naps, had dinner, then hung out at the communal fire pit with some of our fellow backpackers.

Sunday morning, we had breakfast, packed up camp, then put our (slightly lighter) packs back on and made our way down the mist trail. At the end, pizza and beer awaited us. And let me tell you, it was The. Best. Pizza. Ever.

It’s now late Sunday night, and time for me to shower and wash the trail dust off. Hope your weekend was as awesome as mine.


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