the no ‘poo experiment – week 2

Here I am... no 'poo and all.

Where did we leave off before? Around day 5?

Well, things only got better from there… I washed my hair as needed with baking soda & vinegar (every 2-3 days). Really, about the same frequency as washing with commercial products.

By day 9 (my job meeting day), my hair looked… well, pretty darn good. At least I don’t think it looked too bad. You can decide for yourself. I got the job, so it couldn’t have been too horrible, anyway.

Today is day 11… washed my hair this morning and I either didn’t use enough baking soda, or my hair is doing it’s balancing act, because it’s a bit limp and lifeless today (read: slightly greasy). There is one more potential reason, though. Here’s what I’ve noticed – I added some essential oils to both the baking soda (tea tree oil & vanilla) and the vinegar (pink grapefruit & vanilla). While they both smell yummy, they seem to leave my hair a bit greasier. I’ll try it again tomorrow with the plain versions and see if things improve.

Given how my hair has looked and managed over the past two weeks, my plan is to continue this low budget & environmental friendly solution! I wish I’d tried it sooner.


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