eating off the fat… in practice

nachos... yum

We were feeling supremely lazy tonight… neither Ben, nor I, wanted to make dinner. We actually went as far as visiting a local eating establishment to find out what the wait was. Like I said, feeling supremely lazy. Nevermind that we had a fridge, freezer and pantry full of food at home, we wanted a quick fix. No real reason other than it being Saturday night and wanting someone else to do the dishes for us.

Denied at the local BJ’s and nearing C’s bedtime, we nixed the eating out plan and headed home. Looks like dinner was up to us. *Sigh*

We visited Trader Joe’s to pick up supplies for juicing and managed to mostly stick with our list. Dinner tonight was a great example of making use of our inventory… we had a hankering for nachos, so I scoured our inventory and figured out what I could use to go toward said dinner:

– Corn tortillas (freezer) – I defrosted some, cut them in to triangles, sprayed with oil, sprinkled with salt, then broiled for 5-6 minutes to make some homemade tortilla chips.

– Shredded cheese (fridge & freezer) – ’nuff said

– Refried black beans (pantry) – these were actually opened last night, so we used up the leftovers from the fridge today.

– Pulled pork (freezer) – smoked a few weeks ago, taking up a large amount of space in the freezer (mostly due to the container size).

– Jalapenos (fridge) – this jar has been in our fridge for who knows how long. We had a “spare” in the pantry that’s now made a rotation in to the fridge, as we used the rest of the other jar tonight.

– Salsa (fridge) – we didn’t use the whole jar, but we made a dent in it. Yum.

Wishing we had more beans, sour cream and guac to go with our dish… oh, wait… we have guac in the freezer!! Yay!

As for beans, I’m making a pot tonight. We will have backups in the freezer soon enough. This is turning out to be a pretty awesome experiment.


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