eating off the fat

It’s become overwhelmingly obvious to me that we (as a family) have an embarrassing amount of food. No, really. Between our pantry, fridge/freezer and upright freezer, we have enough food in this house to feed a small army. It might be a strange meal of veggie stock, edamame and roasted eggplant dip, but a meal, nonetheless.

Meal planning, while great in concept, continues to be lacking in execution. I get a wild hair to make this dish, or this one, or maybe this one, and simply must have it. Even if it means the food in our pantry/fridge/freezers goes untouched.

So here’s my goal for the next week… eat from our abundant inventory of food in the house and not go to the store. This is an incredibly difficult thing for me. I LOVE going to the grocery store. Trader Joe’s is one of my and C’s favorite outings. “Want to go to Trader Joe’s?” I ask. “Go to Trader Joe’s? Get sample? Find the horse?” So sweet. I <3 that kid. We also LOVE our farmer’s market outings. It’s a great way to get fresh produce. But, to utilize the things we already own, and for the good of our pocketbook, we must abstain. The one exception I see in this “no buying” plan is getting fruits/veggies for our juice day. I guess I could stock up now, but if that’s all we end up buying in the next week, it’s a small expenditure. Or, maybe we do a smoothie day instead, using up some of the frozen fruits and veggies we already have. Hmmm… that may just work.

Think we can do it? It’s a pretty lofty goal, but I think it’s manageable. We’re working through some leftovers from last weekend and I depleted some of our freezer stock at a St. Patty’s Day party yesterday, so we’re already on our way. The things that will be more time consuming are the beans, and veggie/chicken stocks I need to make (and then freeze). I managed to buy about $25 worth of stuff at the Sprouts market here, though, so I haven’t fully hopped on the “no buying” wagon yet.

c's pantry

The rest are a matter of coming up with creative preparation. We have lots of frozen veggies, frozen fruits, some frozen meats and some carb-y stuff (which, honesty, we never eat and can probably just get rid of). Our standing pantry mainly has foods for C… lots of dried fruit, cereal, oatmeal, pastas, crackers, etc. Stuff that, for the most part, she doesn’t eat. Again, pretty astonishing how quickly food accumulates. Especially when you’re buying in bulk from Costco. We probably don’t need half of what’s in here, and yet, we hang on to it. This next week will be a great opportunity to find out what we need to keep around.

Wish us luck!


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