Ack! What happened to my ponies?!?

After finding a stash of My Little Ponies dolls from when I was a kid, C became very interested in watching the video (after we told her about the show). A quick google search sent us to Hasbro’s webpage, where we found… this.

Someone please tell me, how did My Little Pony go…

from this (1980’s version)… sweet & lovely, the original My Little Ponies

to this (1990’s version)… Not terrible, just a slight makeover. I can handle this.

To THIS (2012 version)?!?! Who are you and what have you done with my ponies?!?

What happened to the sweet, innocent ponies I used to know and love? What was so terrible that they needed such a dramatic overhaul?

The first revision isn’t too drastic – they shined and sleeked the ponies up a bit. Not that they needed it, but essentially gave them a makeover and put them on a low carb diet. The latest version, though? That was fully blown plastic surgery. Hey Pinkie Pie, drop another 20 lbs. Scootaloo? Lose that curl. All of you… your eyes need to be at least 50% larger. Maybe this is all a plan to make the original dolls obsolete so they can sell more toys. There’s no way my old school ponies are passing for these new ones. They could maybe get by as distant cousins… maybe.

For now, we’ll be searching out “vintage” My Little Pony episodes to share with C. Maybe I’m getting old, but these new fangled MLP’s are just too much change for me.

(this post was far more exciting with photos, and even though it would most likely fall under the review/criticism/comment section of “fair use” copyright laws, I opted for links instead. click on the links above to see the photos I’m talking about)


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