I love me some sleep.

If I could, I would stay in bed all day long. Pre-kids, pre-adulthood, pre-marriage, there were some days when I did. Or at least attempted to. Now it’s a luxury I enjoy only when I’m sick… and even then I don’t really get to “enjoy” it. I mean, if I’m sick enough that I need to stay in bed all day, can you really call it a luxury?

Gone are the days when I had the option to sleep in and head to the office a bit late. Gone are the days of hitting snooze. My alarm clock is loud and unforgiving, and she wakes up hungry. Ben is fantastic about helping out in the mornings, especially when I somehow manage to sleep thought said alarm clock. Good thing he’s here, right?

C has yet to figure out that she can just climb out of her bed and find us in the mornings. Or at night. Or in the afternoon, for that matter. When she wakes, she calls for us until we come in to “release” her from her bed. It’s strange, because I know she occasionally gets out of bed during nap time, to retrieve a book or turn her light projector on again, but she must know it’s against the rules, because she climbs back up quickly if I see her and she hasn’t ever left her room on her own during designated sleep times. Our lives will be over after she figures out she can leave any time she wants.

We co slept with C when she was an infant. I know, I know, co sleeping is “risky”, but a colicky infant trumps it all. Mama and baby both needed sleep badly, and that’s how we got C to sleep long stretches (2-3 hours, instead of the 50 minute cat naps she’d do on her own). I read every parenting book, website and magazine I could get my hands on to search for another solution, but ultimately, co sleeping was the right answer for us.

Aside from that, we grew to enjoy co sleeping with her. It was an incredible bonding experience that I’m really glad we had. Until she was eight months old, that is. Then she started waking up around 3am wanting to play. She’d toss herself back and forth between Ben and me, making a game of it. At that point, even though she was still nursing at night, she simply had to move into her crib. None of us was getting any sleep, and it was a welcome opportunity for the shift. She protested the change, as expected, and it took a bit of tough love, but we got her sleeping on her own. (Sleeping through the night didn’t come for several months after that, though. Oy, I don’t miss those days of sleep deprivation.)

Which brings me to the next acceptable time to spend all day in bed… with a newborn. I do miss napping with C sometimes. The snuggling, the closeness, the warm little miracle snoozing next to me. I don’t think I’d give up her independent sleeper status for it, but I wish she was a bit more flexible with her sleeping arrangements. She is still that excited eight month old when we try to lay down with her – sleep is practically impossible when we’re there.

Maybe someday she’ll let us snuggle with her again. For now, I’ll enjoy my bed and let C enjoy hers.


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Mom to "C", wife to Ben. I'm a part-time blogger, cook, organizer, seamstress, house cleaner, taxi, nurse (the mom kind), accountant... I could go on, but really... it's all in the blog. Read away!

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