exercise: bounce with me

I wouldn’t say I’ve given up on my rebounder, I’ve just fallen horribly out of habit. In fact, I’ve fallen out of most of the exercise habits I’d established before our trip to hawaii. Being gone for nearly two weeks really puts a crimp in routines.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve managed to get some exercise in over the past few months. Pulling C to and from preschool in her wagon, a couple long walks with a friend, other miscellaneous bits here and there. But really, it’s nowhere near the level I was at before our trip. Bikini weather really is a fantastic motivator for exercise.

My thinking is that the rebounder lived up to the hype. My abs were flatter, legs were toner and I felt more fit overall when I was using it daily. Although I don’t seem to be gaining weight from lack of exercise, I don’t feel as good overall, and I really dislike that. Rebounding is supposedly wonderful for flushing your lymphatic system when you do the “health bounce” (a bounce where your feet don’t leave the mesh). This one is a no brainer, no sweat, easy bounce you can do while watching tv. And, yet, I haven’t gotten back on the horse yet, even with the incredibly simple stuff. Routines are so easy to break – why aren’t they just as easy to step back in to?

Today was the day to end my laziness and get moving again. I’m sitting on the exercise bike as I write this. It’s not the rebounder (yet), but it’s a step in the right direction. In the past, my rebounding indulgence was watching all the guilty pleasure shows that Ben can’t stand. Shows like Glee, Pretty Little Liars and Revenge. Yup, I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoy trash tv on occasion. I’m incredibly behind on all of these shows right now, though, because I haven’t been bouncing.

My goal for tonight – 15 minutes on the rebounder. Watch some crap tv, then collapse on to the couch with a nice cup of tea. The tough part is remembering to do this before it’s time to get ready for bed. Most nights, I crawl into bed thinking, “Oh, yeah, I was going to exercise today”. Then, yawwwwn, “Maybe tomorrow.”

I’m seriously considering making a chart where I can give myself gold stars for exercising. If it works for kids chores, it should work for me, too, right? Hmmm… what should my reward be? Perhaps a new item of clothing…

What about all of you? How do you keep on track? What motivates you?


1 Response to “exercise: bounce with me”

  1. 1 ingrid parmeter March 1, 2012 at 8:00 PM

    I am only motivated by fear and guilt.
    It is sad to say, but I am very competitive, even though I am not very skilled. I register for running events and then run out of fear of looking stupid on the day of the race.
    Guilt also works for me. I joined a really early running club (5:30) and make it there because I would hate to let anyone down. I never seem to run on my own, but this is not surprising because I do no exercise besides walking on my own. No one is there to make me afraid or guilty….

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