Some of you may already know this, but I danced as a kid. Not just ‘listening to the music and dancing along’ dance, but real, professional, twice annual (sometimes more) recitals kind of dance. I guess most girls do this as a kid. For me, though, it was a passion. Tap dance was my favorite – the style I enjoyed the most and continually returned it. It was something I loved. I lived and breathed dance. For seven years, I took professional lessons. From 3 years old until I was 9. Then, when finances got tight and dance class prices got exorbitant, I quit classes and continued to dance on my own at home. I entered talent shows at school with friends, teaching them little tap dance routines, choreographed feet and arm work with my mom’s help. It was fun.

yup, that's me!

I picked it up again when I first moved to the Sacramento area, about eight years ago. I took an adult evening tap class, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I started in the beginning class, because it had been so long since I’d taken lessons, but the teacher soon asked me to move on the the advanced class, as I progressed quickly in the beginner class. For a while, Thursday nights were my happy place – my sanctuary. Eventually, work got in the way of lessons and once again, dance left my life.

Enter C. Her current schedule includes a “Baby Ballet” class, which we started her in last August. She LOVES it. She practices at home, and tries to direct me to do the same steps as her. Plié, chasse, arabesque… it’s really quite cute. I was never big in to ballet, just a smattering here and there, so it’s awesome to learn some of these steps along with her.

Through C’s ballet class, an interesting opportunity presented itself. Her dance instructor needed another teacher to fill in when she was out. She asked if I’d be interested, offered to train me and pushed me to join her dance group. I was more than intrigued. With C now in preschool a few days a week, I have more time available to pursue work again. Though this isn’t my area of specialty, it is something I really enjoy… or, at least, enjoyed. It peaked my interest. I thought a lot about the opportunity at hand, debating whether it was something I wanted to do.

At the end of the day, I decided to pass on the dance instructor opportunity. It wasn’t steady work by any means, and it would mean a LOT of work both to catch up on my rusty dance skills and to learn how to effectively teach toddlers and preschoolers. A challenge I’m just not sure I’m up to these days. However, the soul-searching that came with this opportunity shed some light on one of my long forgotten sources of happiness – dance. It inspired me to dust off my tap shoes, search out a local class and get back in to it. I’m excited about this one!


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