juicing day

I decided it was a juicing day today. A Monday juice fast is a great way to reset from the weekend and start the week right.

Ben and I are testing out a one day a week juice fast. We’d like to make a once weekly juice fast a regular thing. I’m not sure when we’ll do another longer term fast, so I figure if I aim for once weekly, that adds up to 52 fasting days a year. The question is, what difference does it make? Surely, we won’t see the same aggressive detox that comes with a longer term approach, but will a one day a week fast do anything? There is a lot of info out there. It seems like it’s beneficial, maybe more so than longer fasts, according to a few I’d the sites out there.

Here’s what one doctor says,

“I devote a day to drinking only fresh juice and water to give my digestive system a rest. Restricting your food intake frees up energy that your digestive organs (the bulkiest in the body) would otherwise consume. Unlike a water fast, a juice “diet” is unlikely to cause such side effects as lightheadedness, fatigue, or headaches.” Andrew Weil, M.D.

It’s tough to go back to juicing after being away from it. Much like getting back on the diet horse after straying. It’s a lackluster approach – not as exciting as the last time, it’s lost that novelty and new penny shine. I know what to expect, both the good and bad. Then again, I had a nice goal in mind last time – Hawaii waiting on the other side. And now, it’s sweater and jeans weather as far as the eye can see. The one day approach is a good way to get back in to it without some of the cons that come with a longer fast. And the best thing about the single day of fasting is that it’s over quickly. You get through the day and then go back to life as usual.

I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at food and recipes on Pinterest today. Drooling… feeling them call to me. You shall me mine tomorrow, sweetums. The weird thing? The “healthy” cravings continue. Seriously. The best recipes I’ve found today have been healthy ones – green monster smoothie, banana berry smoothie, baked beet chips, crustless quichequinoa and beet salad, salted caramel mocha brownie cups… wait… wha?? how did that sneak in there? Ok, so maybe my cravings are not entirely healthy.

I made carrot, beet and romaine juice this morning. I’d heard fantastic things about beet juice, but I can’t say I was overwhelmed. It seemed to overpower the rest of the flavors. I love me some roasted beets, but raw? Not so much. I added some cayenne and cinnamon to my cup, stirred it up, and drank it down. I’ve found that cayenne makes anything palatable. Mostly because your taste buds are too busy being on fire to notice anything else. Then I threw the rest of my beets in the oven. Roasted beet and feta salad awaits me tomorrow. *droool*


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