massages and sushi (hawaii, day 7 – 1/21)

Saturday already? We got up and headed down the beach, intent on visiting the farmers market and picking up some lemons and another coconut. We were disappointed to remember, upon arrival, that the market is closed on weekends. Instead, we went next door to the tourist trap, “ABC Stores”. We’d managed to avoid such places this far, and with good cause. Those kinds of stores suck me in with their novel, cheaply made products, and I find it impossible to escape without making at least one purchase. This trip was no exception.

Ben and I scheduled a beachside couples massage this morning through Maui Massage, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The tables were not exactly beachside, they found a tropical shady area just off the beach that was sheltered from wind and sun. Despite the noisy gardeners mowing and weed whacking, Ben and I found ourselves melting at the hands of our skilled massage therapists. The gardeners took an early lunch (presumably because our therapist asked them to move elsewhere), so we had a solid hour to enjoy the uninterrupted sound of the waves during our 90 minute massages.

tropical massages

After the massages, we still had an hour of babysitting scheduled, so Ben and I sat out on the lawn for a bit. Ben even tried his hand at boogie boarding. It was a nice, relaxing morning… with cocktails. Did I mention the cocktails?

As dinner time approached, we made our way out to south Kihei to check out a local sushi restaurant, Sensei. Again, did not disappoint. Fresh fish, delicious sushi, creative rolls. Portion sizes could have been larger, given the prices, but I guess that’s Hawaii for you. We were excited to learn that they offered 25% of all food items on the menu prior to 6 p.m., and we took full advantage of it. C even got in on the sushi action! Her favorites were the seared tuna and edamame.

c drums while waiting for her dinner

eating sushi...

Early evening for us. C went to bed right away when we got home, and we followed shortly after. It was a long day, and sleep has been scarce since we arrived, so we were in need of some extra zzz’s. Unfortunately my headaches have started to resurface again. Nothing really seems to help, so I’m at a loss of what to do. Maybe extra sleep will help.

Click below to link to our Day 7 photo gallery…

Maui, Day 7 – 1.21.12

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