should i care?

In terms of the internet, I’m out there. My persona, my name, my likeness… all of it. I’m “google-able”, if you will. I do try to sensor my posts, at the very least omitting my last name from my blog. I’d rather remain somewhat anonymous in terms of the world wide web. However, for someone skilled in this area, it’s not that difficult of a task to figure out who I am.

So, as I prepare to re-enter the working world, I’m asking myself this question… should I care?

My blog, be it fairly open and somewhat random, really doesn’t contain too much unsavory information. I’m usually fairly tame in what I post here. Even if a potential employer searched me out, and discovered this blog, would it be an issue? I’d like to think that my blog reflects a well rounded picture of me – I feel like written communication is one of my strengths, and hope it comes across here as such. The only place I see it might be an issue is if an employer is anti-family, but (aside from the illegality of this) that’s probably not a job I want anyway. Please, go ahead and screen me out of that one. You’ll be doing us both a favor.

I have the option of using my formal name for anything job related. It creates one additional layer to peel back before stumbling upon the rest of my public information, but maybe that’s all I need. A cursory google search reveals nothing other than my Linked In page, which is perfectly fine by me, as that only contains professional information. Entering my common name, the one everyone knows, pretty much points you straight here. Just check out the third entry in google.

So now I ask you… should I care? Should I be doing more to obscure my blog from probing eyes?


2 Responses to “should i care?”

  1. 1 Uncle Rick February 9, 2012 at 1:09 AM

    I don’t think you need to worry, Suzy. You blog is very tame and you live a normal family life. If you had drunken-naked party picures from college days posted on your facebook page, well that might be another story… I think that’s the kind of thing to worry about. If it’s not out there, no need to worry.

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