an unplanned day (hawaii, day 6 – 1/20)

No agenda today. Technically, that’s not entirely true, as our plan for the day was to have an unplanned day, but you know what I mean. Wake up and see where the day takes us.

So how did it go? Much like everything else on this trip so far, very well. Well, with the exception of me not sleeping. Insomnia struck last night. Such a bummer on vacation, but the blow is softened slightly knowing that Ben is around to help with C, so I can take a nap if needed. I woke up around 3 a.m., wasted some time in the living room watching shows on Hulu and exercising a bit. Then I made my way out to the lanai at 6 a.m., had some tea and listened to the waves. All in all, not a terrible way to spend a morning.

Today, we checked out at a local breakfast favorite, the Kihei Caffe, and gave ourselves a morning off from cooking. Breakfast fully met our expectations. Seating is outside, and all the ordering is done inside at the counter. After standing in line for about ten minutes, we found ourselves at the front, chatting it up with a friendly cashier. To start, we ordered a few coffees and a massively gooey cinnamon roll to share. These were ready immediately for us to carry out with us. For breakfast, we ordered C a whale pancake, Ben had a meat lovers omelet, and I balanced things out with the veggie scramble. We carried our coffee and cinnamon roll outside to find a table and wait for the rest of our meal to arrive. C had no problem diving in to the cinnamon roll, and probably would have made that her entire breakfast, had they not been speedy with the rest of our order. Everything was delicious.

our deliciously gooey cinnamon roll... half eaten (we couldn't wait)

C enjoys some cinnamon roll (btw, the red blotch on her arm is a little mermaid temporary tatoo)

C loved the whale pancake, but was most excited about the butter, powdered sugar and chocolate chips... I'm not even sure this counted as breakfast. :)

veggie scramble, cooked to perfection. yummy!

ben poses with his meat omelet

After breakfast, we walked across the street to the park to play for a bit. C loved swinging and running around in the play structure. We loved the view! The ocean was the backdrop to the park, just a few hundred yards away from where we stood. It was a fantastic park. Even better? They had a dinosaur tic-tac-toe and the ASL alphabet up on their play structure! How cool is that? If the ocean wasn’t enough to sell me, those pushed me over the edge.

C loves swinging!

dinosaur tic-tac-toe!

ben and C check out the asl alphabet

We had a nice dinner out tonight at Sarento’s. Our nanny* came back to watch C and we set out with hopes of actually seeing our first real Maui sunset. We arrived during happy hour, so we got some wine for half price, then took it to our table to catch an amazing sunset. The best thing about this place (besides the amazing food)? The view. Below is a photo I took while sitting at our table. We got a fantastic table, right next to the beach, but they all looked pretty great. They even had an in house photographer to capture a photo of us as the sun was setting, so, again, we paid the outrageous tourist price for a single print. Considering it turned out great, it was well worth it (to be posted – I haven’t scanned that one in yet).

the sunset view from our table... perfection

ben looks over the menu at sarento's

so many good dinner options to accompany my half price glass of wine :)

It was a beautiful day, sunny weather, not too windy and oh so warm. Perfect temperature, really. I think we’ve acclimated to the humidity, as it doesn’t feel as sticky as it did when we first arrived. Such a fantastic trip.

Link to Maui, Day 6 photo gallery –

Maui, Day 6 – 1.20.12

*At some point, I promised to post about this, so here’s more info about our nanny. We used The Nanny Connection, an island wide service available on Maui. They come to your condo/hotel/wherever to watch your kid(s). They bring their bag of toys and keep them fully entertained. In addition, all the nannies are CPR certified and background screened. Our nanny, Andrea, did a fantastic job with C. We never had issues with separation anxiety – C was very happy to run off and play, leaving us behind! If you’re visiting and need this service, please request her!


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