shave ice, sunset cruise and whale watching (hawaii, day 5 – 1/19)

We had a leisurely morning. C slept in until 7:15 – it felt amazing to get an extra couple hours of sleep. She seems to be adjusting to the time zone here (yay!!).

We spent our morning walking down the beach, headed to the local farmers market. Cloth bags and list in hand, the waves lapped our feet as we walked. C had fun splashing about. It only took ten minutes to get there, and we took in the beautiful array of fresh fruits and vegetables. Picked up a few pineapples, lemons, grapefruit, starfruit and corn. We sampled the chips and dips. They were all delicious, but we settled on getting the guacamole and bean dip. The best part of the trip was yet to come, though. We got a fresh coconut. They cut the top open with a machete for us so we could drink the water inside. Then, using the machete again, chopped it in half to expose the delicious, fresh coconut meat. Using a spoon, we scooped our the insides and slurped them down. It was like nothing I’d imagined. Very yummy.

Click for video of the coconut getting machete’d!

From Maui, Day 5 – 1.19.12

Click for video of C drinking coconut water…

From Maui, Day 5 – 1.19.12

Nap time came early today. C was asking for it on our walk home from the market, so we put get straight to bed when we got back. And then, it was time for us adults to relax. Guacamole, chips, drink and book in hand, I found my way out to the lanai for some sunbathing. I’ve been reading “Hunger Games”, a book on loan from a friend, and am completely sucked in. I can’t get enough. I only wish I had more time and energy to spend reading. I’m nearly through with book one, though, and I only brought this and the second with me, so it’s probably not a bad thing that I’m forced to pace myself.

Nap time done, we drove up to Lahaina. The plan was to walk around, get some coffee and check out the town. We spent some time in the local park, checking out an awesome banyan tree. It looked like twelve individual trees, but upon closer investigation, we discovered that the branches intertwined with one another, and the roots were all connected as well (this part we couldn’t see, but surmised). Roots shot out, sprouted as new trees, and then the branches above connect. It was crazy! C played around the trees for a bit, having fun running in the gravel and getting some energy out.

Click for video of C running around the Banyan Tree…

From Maui, Day 5 – 1.19.12

After seeing numerous signs for Hawaiian “shave ice” during our trip, we were intrigued. We stopped at a local place and tried it out. We opted for the “lava flow”. Peña colada and strawberry shave ice over ice cream, topped with cream. DE-licious.

We enjoyed our shave ice, then made our way to the docks, walking along the pier and out a rocky moor to the ocean. We say and watched the surfers and boats glide effortlessly through the water. It made me want to be more adventurous in the ocean. Watching ten year old kids manage the crashing waves without fear made me feel guilty for not trying it myself. We have yet to venture much more than waist deep in the water on this trip. I’d say I have a healthy fear of the ocean. I’ve never considered myself a strong summer, but I make due. I’ve braved the ocean waves off the coast of California, never really enjoying it. The cold, the crashing, the getting my hair wet… yeah, not for me. The only time I’ve really enjoyed it? Florida. Yup, those beaches were AMAZING. Give me those calm waves, bath water temperatures and I’m happy. Too bad the sharks love those conditions, too. Just can’t win, can I? I guess I’m more of a lounging on the beach girl.

In the evening, we had a sunset dinner cruise booked, hoping to see some whales while dining on the ocean. We had yet to see a sunset on Maui – timing seemed to be off or we were distracted and missed it. We attempted to watch it last night, rushing to the lanai minutes before it set, only to find it shrouded by clouds. So, with whale watching and seeing a sunset both on our Maui bucket list, we booked a dinner cruise from Lahaina.

The cruise departed late about twenty minutes late, which was disappointing because we lost precious whale watching daylight. It was equally disappointing that, once again, clouds rolled in over the ocean, blocking our view of what I’m sure was a spectacular sunset. Even seeing the edges of it behind the clouds was amazing. The sky painted with beautiful shades of pink and orange. Making up for the disappointments were the whale sightings. Amazing. A mother and calf swam closer and closer to the boat, breaching and spouting as they approached. C was incredibly excited to see them, too, and kept calling them “baby beluga” (a Raffi song about a little white whale).

Click for video of a mother and baby whale
From Maui, Day 5 – 1.19.12

Another great day in Maui. Can’t believe this trip is halfway over already.

More pictures from Day 5 (click to see the full album):

Maui, Day 5 – 1.19.12

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