iao needle, adult time and a luau (hawaii, day 3 – 1/17)

We woke up early to C poking at us to wake up. Since it’s so warm here, she’s been sleeping with her tent unzipped, avoiding the warming greenhouse effect she normally gets inside. While it’s cozy at home in 50 degree weather, it’s not ideal for humid, 80 degree weather. The few nights we zipped it closed (her preferred and requested sleeping arrangement), and she woke up distressed and sweaty several times throughout the night. Last night was the first night we left it open, and she did well staying asleep. Until about 5:30 a.m., that is.

So, an early morning wake up call prompted us to roll out of bed and get the day moving. We’d talked last night about visiting the Iao Needle this morning. Time seemed to be on our side, as we were up early enough to head out there. After breakfast at the condo, we piled in to the jeep and got on the road aground 7:30 a.m. The morning haze was hanging on, obscuring the tops of mountains and blunting the suns bright rays. They would break through soon enough, but for now, we were enjoining the cool, damp air of the morning.

Iao Needle was a fantastic area. Just enough of a hike that we all felt satisfied with the $5 parking fee, but not so long that C reached a melting down point. Finding that balance can be tough. She wants, so badly, to do things on her own, but refuses to accept that she might have physical limitations. We brought the ergo along, just in case the hike was too much for her. We were happy that it turned out to be just right. She was getting tired by the time we came down the steps, but was determined to make it on her own.

C & Dad walking up the steps.

Family shot, Iao Needle behind us.

Nap time has been interesting here. C’s internal clock is still set to California time (hence the 5:30 a.m. wake up), so she gets tired early. She was dozing off during the drive home from our hike, which we readily discouraged. We had a nanny scheduled to arrive at 10:30 a.m., and I wanted C to meet her before we took off for the afternoon.

Our adult time away went off without a hitch. We explored the area and checked out a local brewery and coffee shop. C enjoyed her time with the nanny, playing in the and a bit, getting a nap in and reading some books.

Look at those beautiful taps – Maui Brewing Company
Descriptions on the wall
Decisions, decisions…
Milk of Amnesia
Ben approves.
Macadamia Nut Brown for me
Cappuccino, yay! (Can you tell I’m tired here?)

After our time away, we reconvened for the afternoon and dinner. We spent our afternoon playing in the sand on the beach. C was obsessed with building a sand bunny, as we’d seen one on the beach the day before (a sand one, not a real one) and she desperately wanted to recreate it. So, we did. Here’s my best attempt…

Sand bunny!
C & Dad playing in the sand.

For dinner, we attended a luau and had such a fanatic night! We opted for a local luau, the Polynesian Village Luau, rather than one of the more commercial dinners. The biggest difference? Lower cost and no free booze. No problem for us – we didn’t really care about spending extra money for three free drinks anyway. We’d much prefer to spend that money elsewhere. They still provide the virgin versions of piña coladas and strawberry daiquiris, so if you’re really hard up, you can bring a flask and mix your own beverage to taste. The other big difference? This was a family affair, and it definitely felt that way. From the time you arrived, you felt warmly welcome and a part of the family. We got to try our hand at making lei’s, dancing, spear throwing and basket weaving. Then, the show began. The host was funny and entertaining. Despite the small audience size, he made jokes, kept us engaged and remained in a great mood. The food presentation was an event by itself, but in addition to that, we were entertained by dance and fire from various polynesian cultures around the world.

Picture of a picture, so it’s a bit fuzzy

Love this expression!
Dinner’s on!

While engaged in the “lei making” activity, we chatted with the girl helping us. She said she was born and raised in Hawaii, and had never really been anywhere else. There was another couple there from Canada, too. They mentioned how snowy it is there right now (negative 40°), and the Hawaiian native said that she’s love to see snow. It’s weird how it all comes down to perspective. The grass is always greener, I guess.


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