maui recap

imageIn one word, amazing. Can we come back every year? C had such a great time, and I’m so glad we brought her with us. By the end, she’d just started adjusting to the time zone here, and her temperament was getting better because of it. She does so much better fully rested, much like everyone else, I suppose.

We’re on our drive home as this posts. Just hours away from home and our nice, soft, comfortable bed. In case you were wondering, I’ve been blogging along the way, but wasn’t crazy about posting the fact that our house was open and ripe for the picking to the internet world, so my daily hawaii vacation posts will start going up after our return.

For now, I’ll highlight some of the things we loved about our trip, and some we’d do differently next time. A good summary log and reference points for planning our future trips (which we’re hoping will happen sooner rather than later).

Things that I loved:
– After reading reviews that the water in Kihei wasn’t great, I brought filter bottles and intended to buy bottled water. Then I discovered that our condo had an inline Watts water filter under the sink (the same filter brand we have at home). Not only did the water taste fine, but I felt better about the quality as well.

– Nanny service. Great idea. The nanny services on the island worked out perfectly. C liked our nanny, Andrea, and had fun while we got away for some of our own adventures. Having some brief time to just enjoy, without keeping track of or entertaining a toddler, were fantastic. It was pricey, but worth it.

– Polynesian Village Luau. Such a great experience. It has that certain “charm” you get with family run businesses. The host was funny and entertaining, and you felt like you were a part of their family.

– Ground floor condo. Perfect. Wouldn’t do it any other way. We had direct access to the lawn and beach, and our monitor range just reached far enough for us to lounge while C napped.

– VRBO rental. Having a full kitchen and fridge was wonderful. A Costco and Walmart run had us stocked for most of our trip, then we filled in with local farmers markets for fresh produce during our stay.

– Sarongs. Such a brilliant invention. My sarong served as a swim suit cover up, a skirt, a dress and gave me an incredibly easy, discreet way to slip in and out of my swimsuit (thanks for the great Christmas gift, mom!). I even picked up another one while here to add to my collection.

– Driving the road to Hana. Breathtaking. Seeing a pair of whales frolicking at the end of our journey made it unforgettable.

– Reef Dancer underwater boat. It was a great way to see lots of tropical fish and learn about them without having to get wet. This was especially great for C, since there was no way we were getting her to snorkel.

Things I’d do differently:
– Book accommodations earlier. We confirmed reservations late October and missed out on our first choice because of it. One week, it was available, the next, gone.

– Opt for a two bedroom unit. One bedroom worked ok, but it’s really best when C has her own sleeping area. The fold out couch in the living room just wasn’t comfortable or convenient enough to be a long term option.

– Find a place with a spa! Or, at the very least, a bathtub. Or condo had neither, and there were a few nights that relaxing in warm, bubbly water was all I wanted.

I’ll probably think of more to add later. Links and more details will follow in my upcoming posts. Stay tuned!


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