white house, black market

Oh shopping… how I despise thee. And, yet, every so often I have a magical shopping day where everything fits, looks good and is on sale. Those shopping trips? I don’t hate so much. In fact, you might even say that I like those trips.

I had one of those days not too long ago at White House, Black Market. My mom is always the one to find deals, if any are to be had. In fact, she rarely pays full price for anything. So, when she spotted a sale as we walked past, I was game to check it out.

Sale prices in this establishment leave something to be desired. Most items cost more than I’d normally spend paying full price. But the clothes are beautiful, well made, and the sizing gives you a nice ego boost (being that I fit in to a size 6).

I found quite a few really nice things that day, and ended up spending more than I’d planned, but my shopping trip was partially subsidized by my mom, so the damage wasn’t too bad.

What did I end up buying? A black and white shirt, a simple black dress, and a pair of gorgeous black shoes that called my name and molded to my feet when I slipped them on. Oh, the shoes. Devious, delightful things. They were the only things not on sale, of course. I wouldn’t have even tried them on, had I seen the price tag beforehand. When the sales attendant asked if I needed heels to try on with my skirts and dresses, I said yes, and they were waiting in my dressing room for me, price unknown. It wasn’t until I was already in love that I asked the price. It was in the *gasp* range. Well, gasp for me, at least. I know plenty of other ladies who spend upwards of $100 on shoes, and the price tag on these came just below that amount.

My immediate thought was to just walk away. Then, on second thought, I asked if these shoes ever went on sale. “Nope,” the sales attendant said, “these are our most popular shoes, and I’ve never seen them go on sale.” Drat, I thought. Ok, I conceded, I’ll let them go. But when my mom offered to buy me the dress and shirt she and I both loved, it seemed only logical that I get a fabulous pair of shoes to go with them. Yup, I plunged in head first and decided to get them.

Curious to see the shopping haul? Here it is…




The truth is, I love my new shoes. And my new dress. And my new shirt. Considering how infrequently I have a successful shopping trip like this, I feel like it’s economically reasonable, as long as you amortize my purchase over twelve months or so. Did you forget I’m an accountant? I can’t just shut that off, despite how I may try… :)

(trigger happy upload fingers and sloppy editing lead to this post going live before review… oops! I seem to have issues with posting errors far to frequently these days)


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