juice flush – day 7


Here we are… at the end. After coming so close yesterday to breaking early, I’m happy that we didn’t. Tonight was so much better because of it.

The evening dinner preparation was going quite well. We were making our salad as planned. C was excited to help and asked over and over if she could. Finally, I decided that shaking the salt and pepper grinders over the salad and pretending to shake some on would be a good task for her.

C stood on her stool, shaking the grinders over the top of the bowl, narrating as she went. She asked if she could try some of the salad, to which I agreed. She gnawed on a piece of lettuce while I stood next to her, chopping more. Suddenly, she found herself distracted by god knows what, and turned suddenly, toppling from the stool. I dropped my knife to the counter and reached to grab her, as I saw her flailing arm grab on to the edge of the salad bowl. For a split second, I calculated how I might save them both, but decided a salad on the floor was better than an ER visit.

So down they both went. C in my arms, salad bouncing down the steps and to the floor. Why C felt the need to take the salad down with her, I’ll never know. I just stared at the sad remains, wondering if the floor was clean enough that we might be able to salvage it. Taking a break from the mess, I consoled my crying child, taking her in to her bedroom for a much needed change of scenery and diaper change. As she laid on the changing table, she cried sadly,”I fell. I made a mess.”, then parroted back the things I told her. “That’s ok,” I said. “That’s ok,” she’d repeat. “We’ll make another one”, I said. “We’ll make another one”, she responded. “And I can help mommy?” she asked. “No sweetie, I think I’ll do this one by myself.” That brought on the waterworks. She was so upset at the prospect of not being able to help.

C unhappily examines the mess

We made our way back in to the kitchen, where I surveyed the damage and tried to put together a plan of action. I pulled the bowl over (fortunately the glass bowl was sturdy and had stayed intact) and began scooping salad remains from the floor back in to the bowl. I found a hair among the greens and decided the salad was beyond hope. As C helped pick up salad remains, she said (unprompted), “sorry for the salad floor mess.” Awww. My heart melted. As disappointed as I was over the loss of our first solid meal in a week, how could I fault her? “That’s ok, it was an accident.”, I replied. “We’ll make another.”

The worst part of this? I’d used up the last of some of my veggies in this bowl. The delicious cucumber I’d been dreaming about all day? Gone. Those luscious tomatoes I’d drooled over? The worms would be enjoying them, instead of me. Oh well, at least I hadn’t thrown the avocado in to the bowl yet. Then I might have cried too.

Round two, made the salad again, sans the few things we’d used up. Despite the fact that this second version was not as robust as the first, I think it might have been the best darn salad I’ve ever eaten. Period. And one of the few times in my life I can legitimately say that I was full after eating an all veggie salad.

Best. Salad. Ever.

Not a whole lot new to say, just more of the same.

– Hunger wasn’t terrible today; as long as I stayed hydrated and drank juice, I felt fine.

– Headaches seem to be gone. This is the best part of all of this. You never realize how awesome it is to feel normal until it’s gone.

– Sleeping better. Getting tired at a normal time and waking up refreshed. No issue with insomnia last night.

– No significant weight loss this morning, but it’s pretty standard for me to show losses every other day. Like my body takes a day to stabilize before it gives up anything else.

– No ill effects from adding solid food back in yet. I was concerned about that aspect, which is why we didn’t continue right up until leaving for our trip. But, all systems are normal. Definitely hear my tummy gurgling as it gets back in to action.

The plan? Juicing tomorrow during the day, fruits and veggies for dinner. Probably another salad. I’ll make our roasted veggie casserole Friday night. Easing back in to the solid food thing. No need to regain all that weight too quickly. That’s what Hawaii is for, right? ;-)


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