juice flush – day 5

Happy with how easy this has gotten. Granted, I’m not sitting at work, continually assaulted by the aromas of lunches and snacks around me, but I am dealing with preparing meals for C. Still, it feels good to do something healthy for myself.

The level of confidence that comes with losing weight and feeling healthier is also amazing. This morning, Ben called to let me know people from SMUD were on their way over to discuss a tree that needs to be removed. A few second later, a knock at the door. I glanced down at my work out pants, hoodie sweatshirt and warm, but ugly socks. Nevermind that I was still wearing my glasses, had my hair in a pony tail and desperately needed a shower. I shrugged and answered the door.

It wasn’t as if I would have answered the door previously. I just wouldn’t have felt great about it. The thing is, this morning, I just didn’t care. Why did I care what two SMUD workers thought of me? Really? I was surprised at how little it phased me. I guess it probably phased me a little, considering I took note of it and am dwelling in it now, but oh well.


– My headaches seem to be subsiding (knock on wood, fingers crossed, add whatever superstitious ritual you like here). Didn’t wake up in pain last night. No sign of a lingering headache now.

– I stopped drinking juice rather early last night. My intestines weren’t agreeing with it and I felt like I needed a break. So, just lots of tea and water. I woke up this morning with no hunger. Drank some water, made some ginger tea, and am again restraining from more juice for now. One of the websites I read said to take intestinal distress during a fast as a cue that your digestive system wants a break to work on things, stick to water and tea and give it some time off. After the water this morning, things got, ahem, moving again, so apparently there was some wisdom in that statement. Water and ginger tea are on the menu this morning until things settle down. Oy.

– Ben came up with the brilliant idea of pulling out the apron for juicing this morning. Seriously? Why didn’t I think of that? Such a fantastic idea.

– C’s been trying juice here and there, although she doesn’t love it, even the super sweet all fruit varieties. Maybe it’s because we haven’t given her much juice in the past, so she’s really not acclimated to the flavors. Or maybe it’s just that she’s crazy. On thing I noticed today? Her poop smelled like fruit. Ew. I guess that’s better than the normal odor, though.

– I’ve changed my tune a bit on the laxative issue. In addition to the cayenne, I’m drinking a senna tea daily. Smooth Move… catchy name, eh?

– I do miss coffee. The smell, the ritual of it all. I, fortunately, didn’t have to deal with any caffeine withdrawals this time. I don’t normally drink it daily, maybe a few times a week, so breaking it wasn’t an issue. But there’s something calming about sitting with a cup of coffee and starting your day. I went to Starbucks and got a tea today. Vanilla Rooibos. Yum.

– Non organic carrot juice? Not great. I got some yesterday from a taqueria, and it was not fantastic. It tasted a bit like dirt. Perhaps they didn’t wash their carrots enough. Nevermind that I could have bought a bulk package of organic carrots from Costco for the price they charged. In addition, my body didn’t like it much. And it let me know as such. The rest of the afternoon.

image – Used leftovers for C’s dinner tonight. Added raw peas and butternut squash. Presentation left something to be desired, but it seemed tasty enough. I salivated over it a bit. C hasn’t been great about eating lately, but distraction is a great technique. Tonight, we played a matching card game at the table during dinner. Every time C got a match, we cheered and gave her a bite of dinner as a “prize”. This may be teaching the wrong psychology about food, though. Oh well, at least she’s getting some nourishment. This phase will pass soon enough.

– I had a great day, but am feeling a bit run down now (7:30 pm). I think it may be due to not drinking enough fluids today. I haven’t been feeling hungry, so I haven’t had much juice. I’ve tried to keep up on water and tea, but feel like I could probably drink more.

– Tired of my movie suggestions yet? I’ve got another for you. Better than the last. Forks Over Knives. A little less biased of the medical profession than Food Matters, but there are some pretty strong guilt tactics in this one. Just go in prepared and watch it for the useful information it divests to you.

So ready for Hawaii.


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