juice flush – day 3

imageToday was the hump in the flush. The precipice, if you will. Tomorrow should be easier. Not that today was terrible, it’s just nice to know that easier days are ahead.

I was down to 146 this morning. A weight I haven’t seen I’m years. It’s less than my wedding weight. A weight I last saw several months in to dating Ben. A weight I’m not embarrassed to publish on the internet. This puts me down in the “healthy/normal” range of BMI again, for as much as you agree with that measure. Again, shirts fitting looser today. Yes, I’m well aware that this is a water weight loss. It’s still great motivation to keep going. Let me enjoy this false win momentarily.

– Ben has decided, and I agree, that fresh pressed juice is infinitely better than stuff that’s even hours old. So, as much of a pain as it is to thoroughly the clean juicer five plus times a day, that’s the preferred method, both for taste and nutrients. It’s a small inconvenience for nice benefits.

– Body is still definitely in the “cleaning out” phase, which is incredible considering no solid food has gone in for nearly sixty hours. You know the white film you’re supposed to get on your tongue during a detox? Mine showed up tonight. First time I’ve noticed this during a fast. That’s a good sign it’s working.

– Juice consumption slowed down today. Maybe you need more the first few days just to adjust, then it evens out. That’s my theory for now, at least.

– Our house stinks. I’m thinking that the broccoli and cauliflower pulp are to blame. Not pleasant aromas, even though the juice isn’t bad. Trying to mask it by juicing pineapple and lemon after is futile. I need to dump this stuff immediately instead of letting it sit in the compost bowl during the day. Took a thorough airing out to smell right again.

– Feeling incredibly “bright eyed” today. I’m not sure that I fully understood what that meant until today. It’s an odd sensation, not bad, just odd.

– Thinking clearer. Able to keep lists in my head again and not struggle to remember them. An amazing feeling.

– The hardest part of the day was definitely when I cooked for C. Last night, I got away with dumping stuff in a casserole dish and baking it. Other than when I served it to her, I didn’t actually come in contact with ready to eat “food”. Today, though, I made her a spinach, egg and cheese wrap, sauteing all of it on the grill before putting it in a tortilla. Man, that smelled good. It took all my brain and will power to not taste as I went… brain power to remember that I wasn’t supposed to consume the succulent shredded cheese that fell from her wrap on the plate, and will power to stop myself once I remembered.

– Juicing can be messy business. Don’t wear white. My white Cal Poly sweatshirt, which spent the night in oxyclean, can attest to that.

– Headaches continue. I wish I could say they’re better, but it’s just not true. Still holding out hope that things will turn around soon.

Until tomorrow.


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