the juice flush – day 1


In light of the fact that this juice thing is more of a flush than a fast, I’m renaming it from here out. Others support this terminology as well, but really, it’s just a matter of semantics. Fast or flush, whatever you want to call it, still describes the same thing.

Thursday was day one. Really, it was half of day one, due to a delivery delay. My juicer should have arrived yesterday, but Fed Ex couldn’t handle my next day air request and got it to me a day late. I watched the tracking online anxiously yesterday, seeing the package arrive in an adjacent city, only to have the tracking status update a few hours later with “delay expected due to additional processing.”

I finally got my hands on the new juicer today, and nine hours in, I was in LOVE. Or maybe it’s just lust. No matter, I’m just as thrilled either way. Why did I wait so long to find you, breville juice? You are everything I could have hoped for in a juicer. A beast with the tough stuff, yet able to finesse the most delicate fruits and vegetables into a luscious nectar. Oh, yes, it’s love. Seriously, this thing is quiet, powerful and easy to clean. My only complaint would be that the juice and pulp reservoirs fill up too quickly, but we were powering through a lot of produce today, so I can’t fault it too much. It did a great job, and it is the junior model, so the capacity restrictions are a trade off for a more compact size.

Since the juicer didn’t arrive until noon today, I had a light breakfast of an apple and cheese. The cheese wasn’t the greatest choice before the flush, but I got sucked in when C requested a cheese stick. Not on her first request, but on her second helping… I caved in. I remember reading a study about exposure to a temptation increasing your likelihood of giving in to it. They analyzed office workers passing by a bowl of candy. Each time you passed it, your resolve weakened a bit until you came to terms with the excessive number of calories you were about to consume. You actually came to feel entitled to that piece of candy. Yup, the cheese was sort of like that. I knowingly embraced it. Come to me, cheese, let me savor your deliciousness.

So, back to the juicer. C napping, I excitedly unpacked and washed all the pieces, ready to give it a go. My first attempt? Straight from the recipe book enclosed with the juicer. Apple, carrot and celery. Surprisingly sweet! Very palatable.

Apple, carrot & celery juice

At that point, I started to feel rather energized. Most likely due to my new gadget, but possibly also a slight side effect from the delicious juice I’d just consumed. I felt a little buzzed, actually. So I continued to juice, testing out various combinations of fruits and veggies, not really hitting on a “bad” one. They all tasted pretty good. That’s something I wasn’t expecting.

I also continued to drink freshly pressed juice throughout the day, replacing lunch and dinner. Here’s what’s even more shocking… as long as I kept my juice intake consistent, I didn’t feel hungry. Crazy, right? I’ve been eating smaller meals and more whole foods for the past few days in preparation for the juice flush, but still was amazed at how easily my body adjusted to the lack of solids.

Ok, so here’s the run down of the day…

what I juiced:
brussel sprouts
bock choy
artisan lettuces
clementine oranges
butternut squash
yellow squash

Some things of note…

– Best combo? Hands down, apple, carrot & kiwi juice. Amazing. Add some ginger and cinnamon? Mind blowing. I kid you not.

– I purchased precut kale, which I thought might save me some time, but ended up being EXTREMELY messy. The centrifuge created by the blades spinning inside forced all the little orphan pieces back up and out. Kale all over the counter, the floor, the cabinets. Not pretty. The same thing happened with the brussel sprouts, but to a lesser extent.

– Butternut squash juice was incredible! Sweet & yummy. Even Ben approved.

– With the lack of fiber, some people can have digestion issues while on a flush. In that, their body is trying to rid itself of toxins, but the bowels aren’t working (because there’s no fiber), so the toxins get reabsorbed. Icky. Some remedies for this are laxative teas, enemas, special herbs… my personal favorite is a bit easier, and definitely tastier – spices. Specifically, garlic and cayenne pepper. I’ve tried the garlic method before, and, while effective, it turned my stomach a bit. So this time, I’m throwing some cayenne in to every third or so drink. Plus I get the added bonus of the metabolism boost that comes with cayenne. So far, digestive system is still, um, functioning.

More to come… stay tuned.


2 Responses to “the juice flush – day 1”

  1. 1 bethpladson January 6, 2012 at 9:49 AM

    Congrats! While I haven’t tried the entire juice only fast, I definitely enjoy my morning juice and know when I’ve juiced, because I get that rush of energy, too! It does feel kind of like you’re buzzed, but not in a drinky way. You’re clear, feel great, and totally energized! The greatest thing about the juicer is that you can throw pretty much anything in there. Beware of poms and cranberries in odd combinations. We had our first bomb when we added both and not enough sweet stuff. I think there were carrots and apples maybe? But it was definitely NOT good. Oh, and if you do use poms, pull out the seeds first.That was also part of the problem! Can’t wait to hear more of your “Juicing Journey!”

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