next time, no lime


I got shellac done yesterday. It’s the latest and greatest form of manicures. Even though I rarely wear color on my nails, I went with red this time because it matches the accent on my new years eve dress. It has glitter in it and reminds me of Dorothy’s shoes from The Wizard of Oz. My toes are matching, although I haven’t decided if I’m wearing open toe shoes or not yet. Seems a shame to hide them away.

The nail appointment was a birthday present from a dear friend. It took us months to get a date on the calendar, but the timing was perfect. My parents watched our kids and we spent the morning relaxing and having some much needed girl time. We’ve been friends since high school, but adding husbands and kids to the equation has caused our girl time to suffer a bit in the past few years. It was incredibly nice to have the morning together. Even though it took us a while to get our outing scheduled, it was well worth the wait.

The girl time continued on to happy hour with another good friend this evening. We drank libations, enjoyed fattening appetizers and then had salads to round the evening out. We talked about everything from blogging to the meaning of life. I can always count on great conversation with her. It just evolves organically, which I love. There are no awkward pauses (not too say there aren’t pauses, they just aren’t awkward) and we can broach most topics with civility and level heads, even if it’s something we may not agree on.

The topic of opportunity cost came up tonight. Not in an accounting sense, but rather in the bigger picture of life. When we make one choice over another, and we pay the toll of opportunities lost, how does one deal with the cost? When there’s no “right” answer, and you’re forced to make due with the “next best” answer instead, how do you move past those “what if” questions that linger? What doors have you shut behind you? And are they really shut? All rhetoric, of course, but at least a little mind bending, especially after a few drinks.

Speaking of drinks, my low carb diet has prompted me to seek out a new “carb friendly” libation, and, in this case, I’ve come back to an old favorite. Flavored vodka with club soda. Raspberry vodka with soda and a lime is my standard order, but most flavored vodkas will substitute nicely. It’s akin to a alcoholic soda. Tonight it was Effen back cherry vodka with club soda and lime. Could’ve done without the lime – it stood pretty well on it’s own.

Netflix recommended that I watch Hard Day’s Night tonight. How could I resist? It’s been years since I’ve watched it, so that’s what’s on tonight. Ah, Paul. Still my favorite. <3


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