eight years

Before facebook, blogging was the cool thing to do. A friend’s recent post about how his ten year blogging anniversary (blogiversary?) had come and gone got me thinking… how long has it been for me?

Suzyness.com came in to existence early 2004, but I started blogging before that. Remember livejournal? Yup. My original starts in blogging still reside there. At the time (and maybe it’s still this way), livejournal was invite only. I diligently searched through the public blogs, hopeful to find someone who was willing to share one of their few invites with me. Charles was the first person I emailed and posed the question to, and he was kind enough to oblige me. We’re still friends today. It’s kinda crazy to think of how we met. I made some good friends through Livejournal. Unfortunately it lost it’s new penny shine as other players entered the field. Posts became less frequent as friendster gained popularity (remember friendster? The one before myspace? Before facebook? Before twitter? Yup. I do.). Eventually my livejournal blog fell to the wayside as I posted to suzyness.com more often. And so the story goes.

So, going back to my origins of blogging, it all started August 2003. Over eight years ago. And while I haven’t always been great about posting consistently, it’s still pretty awesome to have had this outlet for so long. It’s strange that it doesn’t feel anywhere near that long to me. It feels like I started writing just a few years ago. Five, tops. I think I’m stuck somewhere in my late twenties still.

Time flies. Far too quickly.


2 Responses to “eight years”

  1. 1 Charles Miller December 26, 2011 at 12:53 PM

    Wow, it was that long ago? It only seems like half that time since I got an email out of the blue from a complete stranger asking me for a Livejournal invite code.

    I guess both our lives have changed a lot since then, so I guess eight years is plausible.

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