Christmas morning is such a magical experience.

My parents have always done an incredible job making Christmas morning amazing. This is my third year trying at home, and it never feels the same as it still does when I go back to my mom and dads. The tree glows, presents sparkle and everything has a warm aura to it. It’s something I think that you can only get by going home. Maybe C will feel that way about Christmas at our house some day.

As a kid, I remember coming out to the living room early in the morning (most likely not too long after my parents had gone to bed). Some presents under the tree were left unwrapped. Having a brother, it was always fairly easy to figure out who’s present was who’s between those ones. Anything unwrapped was fair game to play with, but wrapped presents were off limits until everyone was awake. Stockings were also fair game. It gave us something to do while my parents got some extra sleep.

My favorite part of Christmas is just spending the day relaxing. We have a tradition of wearing pjs most of the day and enjoying it leisurely. We’ll open a few presents, then have some breakfast, open some more, watch a movie, open some more, etc. It usually lasts the entire day, sometimes two. We try not to feel too pressured to rush through it. We each take turns opening presents and take time to admire each others’ new things. We open snacks and goodies as we get them. It’s not uncommon for us to open and explore our new gadgets as we get them, either. It’s a nice day.

Having breakfast now. C has had a blast playing with her play kitchen, food, bbq, pans and utensils. C’s opened a few things, but we adults have only gotten through our stockings so far. The rest of the day awaits!

We didn’t get Christmas cards out this year – we couldn’t coordinate taking photos to get them done in time. So, we’ll have to make due with digital photos this year. Enjoy!



This is my second attempt at this post. I wrote it once already this morning and lost it when my phone went to sleep. My rewrite isn’t as good as the original was, but I’m sleep deprived and this is about as good as it’s going to get. Merry Christmas!


1 Response to “magical”

  1. 1 Ginger Kirschenman December 27, 2011 at 2:34 PM

    Suzy, you and Chris were the best part of our holidays! We love you and always enjoyed our time with you! As a parent, just seeing the excitement and joy on your faces Christmas morning made our holiday special!
    Just as the I am sure the memories you and Ben are building with Claire will be the best part of her holidays too! You and Ben are amazing parents, you are patient, and visibly loving to Claire, you take the time to play with and enjoy your time with her and that is something she will long remember.

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