it’s not actually a flu

The past 18+ hours have sucked. Bit. Blew. Add any euphemism you like here for being generally miserable.

What started out as a sore throat yesterday transformed into the stomach flu some time after 9 pm. Ugh. Miserable. I’m pretty sure now that the sore throat was just coincidental. I had taken some theraflu to try to calm my throat and gone to bed early. As I lay in bed trying to sleep, a wave of nausea swept over me. Ugh. I hadn’t eaten since earlier that afternoon, so maybe it was the theraflu on an empty stomach that was making me feel ill. It was the sugar free variety, too, and artificial sugars on an empty stomach are not kind to me, either (like I said, I’m getting old… see my recent post).

So, thinking this was mainly due to my empty stomach, I rolled out of bed and roamed in to the kitchen for a snack. Grabbing a piece of cheese, I commented to Ben that I wasn’t feeling great. Noshing on the cheese, my tummy started to feel a bit better. Great! Problem solved. Back to bed I go.

As I lay there, still unable to sleep, the nausea started to come back. Yuck. After laying there for a bit, it finally caught up me, and off to the bathroom I went. I was still pretty sure this was my own doing – a result of an empty stomach combined with other bad things. Stomach emptied, I felt better and managed to finally get to sleep.

Alas, a few hours later, I awoke with that nauseous feeling back. UGH. Rushing to the bathroom, I conceded that this might be something beyond my own doing. I was starting to think it might be the stomach flu. A few hours later, when Ben’s night went down the same road, it was confirmed.

Fast forward through a rough night with minimal sleep, and I find myself awake 5am, counting down the minutes until it’s a “reasonable” hour to call my parents. I was hoping they’d be able to take C for the day so we could get some rest. I held out until just past 6 am, then decided that they were probably near awake. Fortunately, my Dad had the day off, and was willing to come up and save us. Although symptoms seemed to be getting better, we were going off very little sleep and still experiencing extreme nausea with too much movement. Yeah, not a good combination with an active two year old to chase around the house.

Early this morning, head feeling slightly more clear, and kidneys aching beyond belief, I started to worry that dehydration was setting in and my kidneys were rebelling. They were on the express train to shriveling up and running right out of my body. Ok, yes, ridiculous, but these are the thoughts that go through my head with too little sleep. Fortunately, access to Google 24 hours a day provides an easy way to disprove such irrational thoughts. A sigh of relief, my kidneys most likely were NOT going to abandon ship. At least not yet. I would definitely have to work on keeping some hydration in me, though.

It was during said Google search that I discovered that the symptoms commonly referred to as “the stomach flu” actually has nothing to do with the stomach or the flu. Ok, this probably isn’t that interesting, but this is what I was reading at 6:30 am. And it’s interesting to me, darn it, so I’m writing about it. So, here’s the thing… what we typically think of as a “stomach flu” is actually “viral gastroenteritis“. Not at all associated with the traditional flu. In fact, one of the common causes during the winter months is the rotovirus… something C has recently been vaccinated for… which might explain why she fared through this unfazed and symptom free. Lucky.

We’re getting better as we approach the 24 hour mark. I have a wicked headache and am hungry, but craving things that would be horrible for both a sensitive stomach as well as my waistline (how could I possibly want Chinese food right now? and why do carnitas sound so good?). Making a veggie and broth soup now. Carnitas will have to wait.

The silver lining in all of this? I am down five pounds since yesterday. Most likely due to dehydration, but I’m not discounting it completely.

Too much detail for the blog? Eh, maybe. C’est la vie.


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