Is it unfair that I read the most recent entries in my RSS feed* first? Yeah, probably. It always discouraged me in school when I’d turn an assignment or test near first, but was penalized by being one of the last to be reviewed. Maybe teachers did it on purpose, figuring the students turning things in first really knew their stuff and would, thus, be the easier and less frustrating papers to grade. Ending grading on a good note, if you will. Ok, so back to the blog thing… I’m guilty of not reading things in order or giving priority to those who got their proverbial “homework” in first. I’ve tried reading in order of oldest to newest, but, really? It’s easier just to start from the top and work my way down.

Really, my RSS reader has made me lazy other ways, too. I don’t actually have to go to blogs anymore to get the information I want. I detest the feeds that give you a little tidbit, then link you through to their full page to read the rest. The whole point of having a reader set up is so I have everything in one place. Yes, it’s made me lazy. On the flip side, it allows me to keep up with significantly more blogs than I used to. I go to one place, and they’re all there waiting for me. Even better, I have things set up so only new posts show up. Someone doesn’t post for a while? No worries, they’ll show up in the list again when they do. Can’t check subscriptions for a while? I can take comfort in knowing they’re all waiting for me in one concise location.

I realize that something is lost with RSS feed readers. You don’t get the full experience of visiting someone’s blog. You don’t see the thought and effort they’ve put in to each and every detail of their theme, the special consideration of column widths, font sizes and styles, color schemes, layout… all lost through RSS feeds. It’s a sad thing, really, and although it doesn’t stop me from paying attention to details like that in my own blog, I know that it most likely goes unnoticed for most readers.

Case in point, I’ve been unhappy with the default font size that came with my last theme. It worked for RSS feeds, but it was just too small for webpage viewing. Try to change the font while posting? The opposite effect… perfect for web, too small for feeds. I suppose it’s my own fault for using a canned (and free, at that) wordpress theme, but that’s what I opted for. Ease of use, loss of flexibility. I used to manage my own themes, uploading php files to the proper location, troubleshooting when things broke… but, honestly? It was a whole lot of work for little return. So, instead of redesigning a theme that I found artistically appealing, I scrapped the whole thing and applied a new, much more basic theme to my blog.  It’s somewhat comforting to know that this change will go unnoticed for most of my readers. Inconsistency on blogs always troubles me a bit. I like knowing what to expect when I go to a webpage. Significant changes give me reason for pause. But perhaps that’s just me.

I’ve been doing something new with my posts, in that, I’ve been posting in draft form, then coming back later to edit or revise them. I don’t like doing it this way, I much prefer immediate gratification from writing, happy to know that my posts have found the way to their little home on the internet. But, I think it the delayed approach produces a better quality of posts. So, gratification is delayed slightly as I allow my brain to mull over the thoughts I’ve poured out of it, then come back to fix typos and edit as needed. Sometimes I realize that I’ve left something out, other times I find I need to remove tangents that added nothing to the story (or at least added some sort of segue). Sometimes posts get lost this way. I’ve written and revised them, but never really considered them “complete”, so they never surface. Here’s my perfectionist quality coming through. Sometimes I’m better off going with my first draft and calling it done, rather than trying to perfect it (which will, by the way, never happen in my mind). Regardless, now that I’m writing the majority of my posts on my phone, where typo masquerades as a second language, going back with a fresh pair of eyes becomes much more critical.

So, after my second pass on this entry, I’m calling it done. I’m sure there are still typos that I will notice later, but hoping I caught the majority of them (or that they aren’t bad enough that you won’t understand what I’m trying to say).

Calling it early tonight. Been battling a sore throat all day, and now that Ben is home to provide some childcare reprieve, I’m climbing in to bed with a cup of tea. G’night all.

*just a side note, an RSS reader is basically a program that pulls “feeds”, or posts, from your subscribed blogs. The words and pictures come through, but most formatting is lost as the feed is pulled in. My favorite is google’s reader, but there are lots of great free options out there.


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