Look what I made! Toddler “Handle”

Here’s one of the many creations I’ve been working on recently. I haven’t been great about taking pictures as I go, so I may end up just posting the finished product for most projects.


One of the many things I’ve found and loved at Make It and Love It is the “Toddler Bag Handle” – basically a handle that you attach to your purse/stroller/shopping cart/etc for your toddler to hang on to while your hands are occupied elsewhere. This gives them some freedom, but keeps them close enough that they can’t get in to (too much) trouble.


So, I made my own version… with one change (of course!). I made this longer than I think I need and added some 1” elastic down the middle, so there’s a few inches of play in the handle to give a little more independence to C (and to keep my bag on my shoulder in case she gives a good tug!). I also skipped the top stitching step, only because I completely missed the step while running back and forth from sewing machine to computer during the project. I think the top stitching looks really nice, so I’ll be sure to add that in on the next one I make.


All in all, this was a fantastically easy project to make. Beginning to end (including ironing my material to get a clean cut) was under 30 minutes. I’m sure it would go quicker on my next attempt. I have some fabulous fabrics I’d love to give this a shot with.


Without further ado, here it is…



The finished product



Attached to my purse



And stretched out a bit… there’s still more room to stretch, but it was difficult to demonstrate via camera all by myself.


We’ll be testing it out this afternoon and see how it goes!


1 Response to “Look what I made! Toddler “Handle””

  1. 1 Laura September 16, 2011 at 9:10 AM

    That is a really, really good idea! I wish it work on D though. He has experienced freedom for so long he probably wouldn’t have anything to do with it. He just had a field trip at pre-school, and was horrified over the rope with handles they had to hang onto to keep track of all the kids (similar idea to your bag handle, but a lot longer…enough for approx. 20 kids). But the more I think of it, it may work for him. :o)

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