I’ve found so many great craft blogs recently… and my list of projects just keeps growing. I’ve been so inspired by the craftiness all around and the fantastic ideas that I simply *must* recreate some of these ideas. Of course, I can’t leave anything alone, and I have my own ideas of how to improve for my own purposes, so I’ve added some notes as well.


sewing projects:

reusable snack bag – I’m thinking of making a little flap on the front with velcro, rather than the velcro inside. Seems like it’d be easier for little fingers to get in/out of.


circle skirt – I’ve found a few variations of this skirt out there on the web, but I love how this website has laid out the instructions. I’d love to make a few of these for C and myself. No variations here… it’s already fully customizable!


ice cream social skirt – here’s another version of the circle skirt, coined the “ice cream social skirt” – same idea, but I love the stripes in this one! And, if you can’t find striped material, here’s a tutorial on how to make your own.


extender slip – have any dresses that are just a wee bit too short? Or an active toddler who likes to grab at your dress (outcome unknown)? This is the perfect solution, and cute to boot! I usually avoid mid-length (or shorter) dresses around C for fear that she will lift at the wrong moment (usually when my hands are full… it’s happened… fortunately it’s only happened at home). I see this as being a great fix for that potential embarrassing moment! Well, it may be only slightly less embarrassing to have your slip showing instead of your undies, but I’ll take the slip option any day of the week!


this apron is adorable. I love heirloom prints… I wish I wasn’t so frugal when buying material though… or that it wasn’t so darn expensive!


vinyl pouches – love these!


scrap quilt – I have a box of my favorite baby clothes that C wore her first year of life stashed away, with the intention of making a quilt for her someday. As quilting is somewhat intimidating to me, this method seems like a perfect way to get it done.


hanging jewelry holder – I just think this is a neat idea! I want to add some extra loops of vinyl with snaps as a place to hang necklaces or bulky items that hang better than putting them in a pouch. Perhaps the back side would be better with a row of snaps instead of extra pouches? Hmmm… I’ll have to map this one out first.


large tote – simply love this one. I don’t have any “ducky” material on hand, but I do have some craft interface that makes materials stiff, so perhaps I’ll give that a shot and see how it turns out. I think I’ll skip the flowers though… just not me.


kid projects:

paper towel butterflies – such a darling idea. I know C would absolutely love these. I was hoping that painting water colors on paper towels would work just as well (and be slightly easier to clean up).


alphabet rocks – I’ve actually already made this project with C, using nail polish instead of paint, and it turned out so darn cute! She loves rocks to begin with, and when combined with letters, they’re her new favorite thing! I just had to throw this one on here because it’s such a great idea.


food projects:

california mix – delicious mix of pickled cauliflower, bell peppers and carrots.


red velvet cake – still in search of the perfect recipe, I find myself being called to by this one. yum.



While you’re at it, check out some of the other posts on the fabulous blogs linked above. They’re my new favorites. :)


2 Responses to “Blogs”

  1. 1 ingrid parmeter September 20, 2011 at 5:18 PM

    Kids at our church did the butterflies, but with two coffee filters instead of paper towels. It was really sweet, plus had the rounded edge that wings would have.

    • 2 Suzy December 19, 2011 at 6:50 PM

      Love that idea! We tried it after you posted about it, and it turned out so cute. We ended up hanging a few on Claire’s wall for decoration. Adorable!

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