Gardening success!


I’m starting to see some output from my previously floundering gardening attempts. Zucchini, tomatoes, and even bell peppers are slowly making their way from garden to our bellies. The hand pollination efforts for my zucchini took for one of the plants, but since then, we’ve had several more vegetables grow on their own. Happy days!

So here’s the deal with the bell peppers… for all intents and purposes, they really shouldn’t be growing. Last summer, I diligently collected seeds from bell peppers we bought from the store, with the intention of planting them in my garden this summer.  I collected, dried and stored these little seeds from a variety of peppers. I didn’t know at the time that many commercial bell peppers are genetically engineered so their seeds will be barren (forcing farmers to purchase new seeds annually).  The exception, I’d heard, was organic peppers. We  don’t often buy organic peppers, so it was a small chance that my seeds were organic. I also didn’t realize that green peppers are immature, and that only the red, yellow and orange will produce offspring. We usually cook with a variety of  bell pepper colors, so I was pretty sure  I’d managed to get seeds in all colors, but there were definitely a lot of green seeds in there.  The odds were stacked against me.

This summer, I started some of the seeds in a small greenhouse, and planted others directly in the ground. Surprisingly, the greenhouse seeds did great at first, but once these seedlings were planted in the ground, they paled in comparison to the growth we saw from the ground planted seeds.  It was after the seeds were planted and growing that I learned they might not produce fruit. Still, energy already invested in my seeds, I figured I would let then grow  and see what would happen. A few weeks ago, my little seedlings proved the world wrong and started to grow little peppers! Although the ground seeds got a slower start, they seemed to mature more quickly and bear fruit before the greenhouse ones. Perhaps the soil quality made a difference? Or just being outside? Regardless, despite all odds, my seeds are producing fruit! We have 3 small bell peppers growing and many more buds forming.


Maybe my black thumb is starting to turn a dark shade of green…


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