Another 2 pounds!

I was down another 2 lbs this morning, bringing my total loss to 9 lbs! Woohoo! I managed to break through that darn 6.7 lb floor with doing a low carb, low calorie plan. I’ve added beans and some fruit back in, so I’m not really following very low carb plan, but I’m managing to keep carbs below 100 and total calories around 1,200. The strange thing is that on day 1 of tracking using My Fitness Pal, I exceeded my calories by about 800 (mostly from eating too many nuts), but I still showed a loss the next day. I expected that splurge to catch up with me the following day, but I’ve seen steady losses every day since.

I’ve discovered some awesome features on the my fitness pal website (another shameless plug for my new favorite site) – you can create custom fields for tracking various info, such as body fat %. I do wish there was a way to see all of your stats at a glance instead of individually, but I’m still rather smitten with the site overall. I love the fact that you can view the details of your nutritional intake online or on your phone, and the  food database is amazing. It’s incredibly robust. In addition, you can add foods using a barcode scan feature, which is really handy and fun to do! I’ve had a few times where the incorrect item has come back (especially trader joe’s stuff – they must have their own system for barcodes), so you have to watch it, but the majority of foods are in there.

Today and yesterday I committed a dieting “no-no” and ended up drinking several hundred of my calories. It wasn’t intentional… it just worked out that way. The recipe I made last night called for white wine, so, of course, I had to try some a couple glasses to make sure it was still good. :) Today, starbucks was calling to me, so I indulged with a skinny vanilla latte. Topping the afternoon off was a poolside playdate at a friends house, complete with wine. I also take a liquid flaxseed oil supplement, which adds about 130 liquid calories to my day right from the start. So, come to the end of the day, I find myself feeling slightly deprived in terms of food as it’s liquid counterpart has already claimed too many of my allotted calories.

Finally seeing results is making me really happy and motivates me to keep it going. I’m not quite sure what the magic mix is for me in terms of carbs and calories, but the current approach seems to be working right now. Carbs are still around 100 g, calories around 1250. It’s possible that my body responds better to a moderate level of carbs than to low carb, which is fine by me! I just need to make sure that I continue to get healthy carbs instead of the refined and processed options (which can also be quite tasty!).

Off to bed. Good night all!


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