The last few days have been rather uninspired food days for us. Breakfasts are always easy, but the rest of the meals are a bit trying. We come to lunch and dinner time and ask… “What to eat?” Do we stick to a strict low carb regime or do we cheat a little? Or a lot? I think the idea of “cheating” has made decisions more difficult for us, as it opens endless possibilities for us. Luckily it’s limited to a single day (usually Saturdays), then we go back to our boring, carb-less week. The thing is, it shouldn’t be boring. There are plenty of recipes to scour through and delicious meals to eat. I’ve found a whole collection of recipes that look fantastic to me, but none of them seem appealing. I need to get over this food slump. It doesn’t help that the weather has been crappy lately (rainy and grey), so bbqing isn’t always an option and the remaining choices seem hard and laborsome.


I’ve managed to pick up a few long outstanding projects and actually make progress on them. I pulled out my sewing machine on Friday night, and although our blinds still need to be hemmed, I managed to complete a gift bag (for the birthday party we attended on Saturday), a pillowcase dress for C and two head rests for C’s carseats. The headrests were a bit of a challenge, but were fun to put together. I had one in her seat that I purchased from Walmart over a year ago. It basically sits behind her and is an upside down U shaped pillow that cradles her head when she sleeps. It gave her a place to put her head when she fell asleep in the car (other than slumped over). It worked great, until a few months ago, when she started to outgrow it. As she did, she was more and more prone to slump over in the car, as her head needed to be perfectly centered to fit in the upside down U. So, I needed to expand on the current design and make something that would fit her now, but would also grow with her. I managed to put together a design that accomplishes just that – she can rest her head on either side of the pillow, but there is plenty of room at the top for her to grow. It moves up with the carseat harness each time we move it in the car, so the placement will get higher as needed. She will most likely out grow the width of this one before she outgrows the height. I’ll try to get a picture of her in it to show what I’m talking about. I’m pretty impressed with it overall. Plus, she loves the snazzy new design (blue background with white moons and stars). It takes a few more minutes to get her in the carseat now, as she wants to turn around and check out the pattern before she’s sitting on top of it. She loves it so much, I plan to make her a pillow out of the excess material. It’s awesome that she’s so easy to please at this age. If only it could be like this forever!


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