Memorial Day Weekend

Woohoo! It’s here – the three day weekend. Having just taken an adventure to tahoe a few weekends ago, we’re sticking close to home this weekend and enjoying some time locally.


We’ve been good about sticking to low carb during the week – weekends have been tougher. Basically, it’s a given that there will be at least some small cheat on Saturdays. Today, it was meatballs, bbq sauce (on ribs) and half of a delicious strawberry cupcake with pink frosting. We were at a first birthday party, and while we probably could have avoided the desserts without a problem, they were too tempting. One of these weeks I’ll make it through the weekend without cheating. This wasn’t the weekend, though.


I’m back down to a total loss of around 7 lbs and hovering there. Blame hormones, pms or water retention, but I’m not writing anything down this week. Next week I’ll get back to logging changes on my spreadsheet. For now, I’m letting things stand at a 6.7 lb loss overall. I’m pretty happy with this loss so far, I just need to push through and get to the next few pounds. Less cheating over the weekends should get me there. It’s just discouraging to see the yo-yo effect. I’ve got to get past it and get to that 10 lb mark at the very least.


Tonight we made a low carb meatloaf that turned out pretty darn tasty. We used this recipe*, but in our true form, we modified it a bit (we just can’t leave recipes alone!). Ben wanted to add some sausage he spied in the freezer, and I layered some extra slices of bacon on top. I also subbed out the onion powder for some frozen diced onions and doubled the cheese (we didn’t have the powdered stuff, only shaved, so I figured more might help compensate). It turned out good, although I think we should have also added another egg to help bind the extra meat that was added. Flavor was good overall and it was very moist. I’d be willing to give it another shot and either stick closer to the recipe or make sure I’m adjusting for binding agents when adding more meat.


To find our recipe tonight, I Googled “low carb meatloaf recipe”. When I pulled up this website*, I was intrigued by the pictures on the sidebar. I sought out the more recent entries and started reading a bit more about this woman’s weight loss journey. It’s encouraging to read another’s story and see the same struggles, feelings and internal dialogue that I, too, experience. I can’t be sure who her audience is, and if it consists of those she knows in real life, but she blogs with honesty and openness. Readers without faces is empowering – it allows you to share details, thoughts and feelings that you might otherwise be ashamed of. Perhaps her readers are comprised of those she knows in real life as well as online only readers and she just feels compelled to give the whole dirty truth. If so, I admire her. It might be liberating to post more details on here – starting weight, current weight, body fat percent, etc. Or, I might regret posting such information come the following day. For now, I’ll continue ticking off the pounds as I lose them – maybe once I’m at my goal I’ll post that weight and let you do the math.


* Source: "Lyn of Escape from Obesity"


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