It’s naptime!

Well, naptime for C at the very least. I’m working on a top secret father’s day present while C snoozes away. Here’s hoping it turns out as planned. :)


So I’ve continued to follow the low carb diet for the most part (excluding Saturday’s beer tasting festival and pizza dinner), but haven’t been weighing myself daily. I figure I’ll check in on the weight once a week or so to see how things are progressing, but I just wasn’t seeing the expected results by doing the daily weigh in. It was too discouraging to see the little unexplained gains here and there. I did weigh myself midday yesterday and given that it was nearly noon (and after eating and drinking), my guess is I would have been happy with what the scale had to say 4 hours earlier. My body fat percentage had also dropped significantly based on yesterday’s reading, but, unfortunately, that measurement can be significantly off depending on time of day and hydration level. So, to get an accurate reading, you really have to do it first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything. While it was fun to see a lower number there, I know it wasn’t a true measurement. Speaking of the body fat percentage measurement, I just have to say how much I love my Tanita scale. I got it about 8 years ago and it’s a trooper! Still working great and seems to give accurate results (within a small margin for error).


Since the weather’s been warmer, we’ve been heading outdoors to plant in the garden a bit and get some walks in. This morning, C and I headed out for some errands, parking our car in front of Trader Joe’s (our final destination), and walking over to Starbucks (a detour across the parking lot). There are nice sidewalks for most of the journey and several sets of stairs for C to climb up and down. I prompt her by saying “big step!” when she approaches one, and she repeats after me “big step!” dutifully each time. It’s rather adorable.


It’s amazing to see C grow and learn new things each day, and I’m grateful to be there for it, but part of me wonders what else she could be learning if she was in a more organized “school” type setting. I’d prefer to put her in a program when she’s a bit older (2+), but I just hope that she’s getting a good experience being home with me. We try to fit in playdates as often as possible to keep her socialized (part of me wonders how necessary these really are… I don’t think my parents had playdates for us before we even had friends, but I dunno). We work hard on colors, letters, numbers and signing together daily, and she seems to do well in all of those areas. She tries to sing along when we sign the alphabet song, she recognizes most (uppercase) letters both by sight and by sign and she can count to ten all by herself! We play games in the car where one of us starts out saying one number and the other says the next. I’m working to get her up to 20 next. She surprised me the other day by asking to play the “opposites game” (she signed and said both words). The “opposites game” is a song from one of her Baby Signing Times DVDs where they sign about what opposites are. So I start asking her, what’s the opposite of “hot”? And she signs/says “COLD!!” Then I ask, what’s the opposite of “yes”? And she says “NO!” Pretty cool that she’s understanding the concept of opposites already!


I have to admit, I do miss being in a work scenario every so often. It’s nice to feel appreciated and needed for technical skills as well as “mommy” skills. I’ve toyed with the idea of teaching a baby sign language class out of my home. I’ve signed up for the teaching program through My Smart Hands, but have yet to complete the courses or certification. After signing up, it took nearly a month to get my materials, life got busy, our own personal taxes took priority, etc. One factor in my slacking was that I lost my nerve and motivation to do it. I need to just jump back on to it, though, because signing is something that I love doing, and I think I would enjoy teaching it as well. The “people” aspect of it scares me a little – I worry that I won’t be good at it or that people won’t enjoy the classes. I also fear that I’ll get bogged down by having a committed class schedule and will lose focus on why I’m home with C. Teaching sign would be a great way to fill in that gap on my resume and bring in some extra money, but I want to be sure I’m doing it for the right reasons and not causing C to miss out on time we could have spent together because I’m focusing on starting a new career/business. I’ve been leaning toward just holding one class a week to start and see how it goes until I’m ready to jump in with both feet. Still, it takes motivation to get that going… maybe blogging about it on the www will give that little push I need to get it going.


(Sidenote – I finished this blog well past naptime, as I was interrupted by C waking up. It’s just past bedtime, actually, but the title remains the same. Oh well, such is life as a mom.)


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