Low Carb – Part II

I’d love to say that I met the day with a renowned passion for low carbin’ it. Unfortunately, the long weekend of splurging has weakened my willpower a bit. I managed to pull myself back up on the low carb horse, but it’s been tough. I’ve been craving sweets all day… but have managed to avoid them. I spent the day scouring the internet searching for low-carb recipes, finding delicious sounding treats to curb my sweet tooth and filing them away for future use. Just finding the recipes was enough to satisfy the sweet tooth beast for today. Hopefully the cravings will subside over the next couple days… or I’ll just dive in and make one of the yummy treats I’ve discovered.


The scale showed a gain of 1 lb since Friday morning – not terrible considering the splurges over the weekend. This is in addition to a 1.2 lb gain that showed up on Friday morning (while following the Dukan plan). It was depressing to see, but we are theorizing that the zumba class is causing some sort of weird water retention / muscle gain action happening. I’ve heard that muscles can retain water after a work out. I had another class tonight, so we’ll see what the results are tomorrow and Friday on the scale.


I tried a few new recipes today, neither was fantastic. The first was the Simple Pancakes – a basic recipe of eggs, milk powder & sparkling water. I modified the recipe a bit and used egg whites only. They tasted overwhelmingly like powdered milk to me – a flavor I’m not a huge fan of. Ben tried one later with dinner (as a tortilla) and he thought they tasted ok. I also made some Primal Tex-Mex Tortillas to accompany our Salsa Chicken dinner (salsa & chicken breasts throw in to the crock pot – cooked on low for several hours), which didn’t taste too bad, but fell apart when put to the test. A combo of the consistency of the simple pancakes with the flavor of the Primal tortillas would have been a winner.


I’m once again out of premade oat bran pancakes. Last week, I made enough to last six days, thinking they wouldn’t last much longer than that in the fridge. I’ll make more next time and freeze some so one night of cooking will last me longer. Last night, I made some Atkins Revolution Rolls (a low carb bread replacement). I gave them a trial run today wrapped around a Wendy’s Baconator (no mayo)… and oh.my.goodness. Yum. They were a perfect substitute for the bun (which C enjoyed) and guilt free! I made them a bit small, so next time I’ll increase the size a bit so they cover the sandwich better. I also found a suggestion to add some unflavored protein powder to the recipe to give it a more “bread” consistency. I wonder if I could come up with a Dukan version by adding oat bran. Hmm… perhaps this some experimenting in the kitchen this weekend.


Gathering recipes always gets me motivated to stay on track with a diet. Plus, it keeps me busy and out of the kitchen (snacking). Testing out recipes and finding that they’re delicious is even better! Let’s hope some of the ones I gathered today are winners.


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