If you hadn’t guessed it already, we went on a little vacation to Tahoe for a long weekend. We stayed in a condo in the Village at Squaw – it was a nice little adventure! When we planned the trip a month ago, we were hoping to get some time at the lake, a few hikes and some bike rides in during our stay. Mostly, though, we wanted to relax. What we didn’t expect was a late season snow storm for the last half of our stay.


Our friends joined us for the weekend and C had a playmate for part of our stay. She had a great time running down the halls with her friend. J is ten months older than C, and C looks up to her. She has fun playing with her and trying to keep up.


Friday night, we went to our favorite dinner location in Tahoe – Sunnyside Resort. They have an amazing filet mignon and a great wine list. On Saturday, we visited the Squeeze In for and had a yummy (if a little pricey) breakfast. Service was good, coffee was tasty, the omelets were delicious and the company was great. Saturday afternoon, we took a trip on the cable car to the top of the mountain. It was a great ride up and a fantastic view from the top, although the winds were incredibly harsh and it was COOOLLLD while we were out in the snow. We spent some tromping through the snow outside until we couldn’t handle it anymore. We sought refuge inside with some snacks and warm beverages. Saturday night, we stayed in and utilized the full kitchen gear in our condos – making a stir fry chicken with veggies. It was a relaxed evening, which was nice. Around 11pm, back in our own room, we noticed the first snow flurries begin to fall. Ben and I sat and watched the wind whip the snow around the parking lot below. It was an incredible sight.


Sunday morning, with several inches of snow accumulated from the night before, our friends headed out for an early departure, hoping to avoid chain control and make it home within a reasonable amount of time. It ended up taking them approximately six hours. On our own, we made use of some of the groceries we’d purchased and made some eggs in our room. We wanted to make our way out in to the village that morning, but around 11am, it was apparent that C needed a nap, so we opted to stay in and let her get some rest instead.


Sunday afternoon, we met for a late lunch with a friend from college. It’s been nearly ten years since we’d seen each other and it was great to catch up. We met at Fireside Pizza (just downstairs from our condo – we saw it from our window!). We managed to keep the meal low carb, although it definitely wasn’t low fat. We started with wings and then we all had various salads. Ben had the California Cobb, I had a Mediterranean (adding chicken). They were fresh and good.


After lunch, we braved the snow and ventured out in Squaw’s village. C was getting the hang of walking in the snow. We found a toy shop where she enjoyed playing with the demo toys. There were little animal dolls and dollhouse furniture (chairs, beds, couches) and she kept putting the animals in the various furniture and telling them “nap”. I guess it was time for them to sleep.


Sunday night, we made new york steaks, sautéed brussel sprouts and creamed spinach. It was a good dinner and we saved some money by staying in. We splurged on the ingredients calorie wise – the steaks were cooked in butter and the spinach was made with whole milk and butter. It was all rich and delicious and worth the indulgence. After C was in bed, we put on a movie (thanks to Redbox!) and attempted to stay awake for it. A combination of the activity from the day and the altitude made us more tired than usual.


Monday morning, we travelled to Tahoe City to try out a new breakfast place we found online, the Fire Sign Cafe. Coincidently, it was just across the street from Sunnyside’s restaurant. The reviews online were great, and we were not disappointed! Again, great service, good coffee and delicious food made for a great breakfast experience. This place is definitely on our “visit again” list. I had the greek omelet and Ben had the Ranch scramble (ham, bell peppers, onions). They were both very good, although I’d say Ben’s was better than mine, only due to the method of preparation – his was more moist and fluffy than mine. I’d recommend ordering the greek omelet as a scramble instead of an omelet. We paired both with a side of cottage cheese and generous helpings of coffee. C enjoyed their homemade banana bread and shared some of our other breakfast items.


After breakfast, we found a park along the lake where we got out and enjoyed a small window of nice weather. We found a rocky beach area adjacent to the lake. We sat and threw pebbles in to the water. It was cold, but at least it wasn’t snowing. C loved the water. It was great to get some time at the water – especially since that’s what we hoped for when we planned this trip!


After a late breakfast and coffee in the afternoon, we managed to skip lunch and found ourselves hungry in the late afternoon. We stopped off at the Resort at Squaw Creek to check out the facilities (we’d admired the hotel from afar) and came across Sandy’s Pub, the on site bar. It was happy hour, so we sat down to enjoy a glass of wine and some hot wings. Later that night, we stayed in again and made a chicken and tomato dish. We were trying to use up as many of our groceries as we could before traveling home the next day. This meant we made a BIG batch of chicken. It was a good dish, but we had more than we could possibly eat.


To complicate things, the fridge, which had never really worked all that well, decided to stop working Monday night. We woke up Tuesday morning to a warm fridge and freezer – C’s milk was the consistency of yogurt. In fact, it very well could have been yogurt. So, our unsuccessful attempt to use up our groceries turned in to throwing everything away before leaving Tuesday morning. It was frustrating to throw away full containers of spoiled cottage cheese, yogurt, half gallon of milk, cheese sticks… basically all the dairy we had, along with all of our leftovers (chicken and tomatoes, creamed spinach, brussel sprouts).


Tuesday morning, we tried our final breakfast place of the trip – a place we’d spotted while driving around the lake on Monday morning (while letting C nap), the Log Cabin Caffe. I got past the fact that they’d misspelled “Caffe” on their website, as their sign touted “Voted Best Breakfast”. It was a long drive to get out there, and we were sorry to say that the experience ranked last of our breakfasts on this vacation. Ben had the chili rellano benedict and I had the lobster scramble. Both were good, but it wasn’t anything exceptional. The coffee was weak and they provided small tubs of half and half rather than a carafe. They were small differences between the Log Cabin and the other breakfast locations we’d visited, but they were enough to set the others apart. Had this been the only place we’d visited, it would have been perfectly acceptable. Detracting from the experience even further, the table next to us was filled with six older women who’s discussion topics ranged from cholesterol and blood pressure to discussing their cats and cat related issues (hair balls, appropriate brushes, the best foods, etc). Not the most pleasant breakfast conversation.


Although I were well intended to stay on course with my diet, vacation meant splurging a bit. I managed to keep up the daily oat bran, but I didn’t alternate the protein / veggie & protein days like I was supposed to. Most days were veggie & protein, plus a few indulgent extra carbs. The Dukan Diet calls for dishes with the lowest fat possible, which is difficult to control when dining out. Saturday, Ben’s cheat day, I managed to cheat a bit, too. Up on the top of the mountain, exhausted and cold, I gave in to half a chocolate chip cookie along with my non fat latte. Later than night, I had a few glasses of wine with dinner and then splurged on a snicker’s ice cream bar for dessert. I suspect that the hot wings on Monday night were battered before being fried, and the batter on the chili rellano benedict we shared this morning definitely had flour in it. I guess we’ll see what the damage is tomorrow. I have a feeling I’ll be going back to the protein only phase for the rest of this week. Not sure what the count is at this point – depending on how bad things look tomorrow morning, I may restart the counter on the Dukan diet and just consider it round 2.


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