Dukan – Day 11

Down 0.4 lbs today, making up for the gain yesterday. Total loss is 6.7 lbs. My body fat percentage has been steadily decreasing, even on days when I see a gain, so that makes me feel better. I think the extra exercise and inconsistency in weigh in times is throwing the scale off. I was down one notch in my belt this morning, which made me very happy. :)


I had another Zumba class tonight. I’m really enjoying the weekly class I signed up for through our local community center. The instructor is fantastic and the class isn’t too large that you feel swallowed up by sweaty, uncoordinated people. The other class I attended at 24 Hour Fitness on Monday felt a bit like mass panic set to music. I know I can probably find another class at 24 hour that’s a better fit for me, it’s just a matter of trying some other ones out. The class on Monday was an evening class, so it was probably busier than some of the mid-day / mid-week classes are. It was still fun, but I felt lost and out of step the majority of the class. I’m guessing a smaller class with more individualized instructor attention will work better for me.


C and I visited some friends today and we learned how to make and can jam. We made strawberry jam today and it turned out quite yummy! I had a few small tastes here and there as we completed batches. It was hard to not eat more, but I wanted to stick to low carb for now. I grabbed and extra jar that we canned to save for later. I know it’s going to be delicious! I’m hoping to expand canning to other kinds of fruits so I can have delicious fruits on hand for C and know everything that went in to them. She loves canned peaches and pears, so I’m going to give those a shot and see how we do.

Recap of Day 11:

Breakfast: Oat bran pancakes, nonfat latte w/ nutmeg & cinnamon

Lunch: 1.5 sausages, cottage cheese

Dinner: A few bites of chicken breast

Snack: 1/4 cup nuts

Exercise: Zumba (1 hour)

I had to fast for some bloodwork this morning, so I didn’t get my normal “eat within 30 minutes of waking” routine. I grabbed some oat bran pancakes for after the bloodwork, but didn’t get to eat them until around 10am. I think it threw off my whole day, because I wasn’t hungry for most of the day and didn’t really eat much.


As I put this together, I tried to remember what I had for dinner tonight, only to realize that I didn’t actually eat anything substantial. I was running around trying to get C fed and pick up the house before friends came over (they were watching C for me during my Zumba class), and I grabbed a few bites of the chicken I fed C for dinner, but didn’t actually make anything for myself. I wasn’t feeling exceptionally hungry at that point, nor am I now (I’m usually never hungry after exercising). I had some nuts when I came home from working out, so perhaps that was enough. I guess I’ll let my body tell me when to eat and not force it.


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