Dukan – Day 9

My first day in the "cruise" phase is over, and I got great results! Down 3.4 lbs from yesterday, so a net loss of 1 lb since Saturday morning.


To recap, here’s a summary of my gains / losses:


Day* Descrip  Daily

Gain / (Loss) 


Gain / (Loss) 

  Attack Phase    
1 Protein Only                          (1.1)                          (1.1)
2 Protein Only                          (1.0)                          (2.1)
3 Protein Only                          (2.6)                          (4.7)
4 Protein Only                          (0.6)                          (5.3)
5 Protein Only                            0.4                          (4.9)
6 Protein Only                          (0.8)                          (5.7)
7 Protein Only                            2.4                          (3.3)
  Attack Phase Total                          (3.3)                          (3.3)
  Cruise Phase    
8 Protein/Veg                          (3.4)                          (6.7)
  Cruise Phase Total                          (3.4)                          (6.7)


* I changed the "Day" numbering on the table so the weight loss/gain corresponds with the prior day’s description (since I weigh myself first thing in the morning and changes are really related to the prior day’s intake). It’s confusing either way I did it, but I figured this made the most sense to me.

Losing 6.7 lbs over 8 days isn’t too shabby! I’m pretty happy with the results so far – my clothes are fitting looser and I’m feeling better overall. I’m motivated to keep it going and see more good results. It’s also good to know to the occasional “cheat” won’t derail me completely.


Today was a late weigh in as well – 8:30 am. What started out as an easy night with C turned in to a rather rough one. First, after my late night exercise bike session, I was too amped to sleep. I ended up laying in bed for about an hour tossing and turning, then I played some games on my phone until I finally started feeling tired enough to sleep around 2am. Come 3am… and C decides it’s time for her to wake up. Ben took the first shift of trying to soothe her, but after about 10 minutes, I went in to try to help and take over so he could sleep. We tried giving her pain reliever, but I think the issue was heartburn (she had really smelly burps and was arching her back when we laid her down). She asked for milk initially, but we normally only give her water at night. Finally, I gave in and got her milk, and after that she settled down. I guess she knew what she needed to make the heartburn better. Needless to say, I’m tired today.


Here’s a recap of Day 9:
Breakfast: Yogurt, bee pollen
Lunch: Chicken breast, cottage cheese
Dinner: Chicken breast, yogurt cheese
Exercise: Zumba class

Pretty boring, but easy. I’m going to have to pre-make more pancakes for the mornings – they were so easy and a great way to start the day. Plus, it makes sure I get my oat bran allowance in early in the day. I’ve found some other recipes that look good that I plan to make – possibly tonight. This site has a whole bunch of them. After making some more oat bran pancakes, the milk jellies and simple pancakes are next on my list. I made some modifications to my oat bran pancakes that I think make it better and add more volume. I get four medium sized pancakes from my batter, versus one from the recipe linked. Here’s my recipe:


Oat Bran Pancakes


1 egg, white & yolk separated

2 Tbsp Oat Bran

2 Tbsp nonfat yogurt

1/4 tsp vanilla extract*

1/2 tsp sweetener*



Beat the egg white until foamy. In a separate bowl, combine the rest of the ingredients. Once mixed, fold in egg whites. Pour on lightly oiled griddle and cook on medium heat until under side is golden brown. Flip and cook the other side of the pancake.


*You can get creative and use any flavoring (orange, almond, raspberry). Adjust quantities of flavoring and sweetener as you like. Or omit completely for a more savory pancake.

On a technical note, I’m trying to figure out how to insert tables using wordpress.com for blog posts. I’ve been going back to Live Writer when I need to insert objects in to posts, but it would be nice to figure out how to do it online. Perhaps I’ll consult with my computer wiz hubby and see what his solution is. It is quite nice that Live Writer makes it so easy. Anyway, there’s my excuse as to why I haven’t been posting a progress chart daily.


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