Dukan – Day 7

This post comes a day late. I wasn’t really intending to, but took yesterday off from my updates. C’s cold always seems to get worse at night (probably because she’s laying down and all the gunk builds up in her head). We put her down to bed and I ran to the store to pick up some supplies for low-carb desserts. I was feeling a sweet tooth (probably because of all the salty foods I had yesterday) and needed to satiate it. When I got home, I could hear her crying as I put away groceries. Ben’s attempts to sooth her weren’t working and she seemed pretty miserable.

Having already given her acetaminophen at bedtime, we tried everything we could think of to soothe her. She didn’t seem too congested, but she was frantic any time we tried to lay her back down to sleep. Since this wasn’t the norm for her, we gave in to her a little more than we normally do and held and rocked her. She continued to cry as we did this, so finally, we moved her in to our bed to lay down and watch her favorite video – Baby Signing Time. This calmed her down immediately, but she still wanted to cling to me and got upset if I wasn’t holding her. Again, not the norm for our “always on the go”, very independent baby. This went on until around 11:30 pm, when we could give her a second dose of pain reliever. She went down without a problem after that and slept until 9am this morning. It was nice having a full night of sleep after several nights of interrupted sleep, but the evening cuddling shot my plans for dessert, as well as my opportunity to get 20 minutes on the exercise bike in. All of this coupled with fatty, salty sausage-y goodness at a friend’s annual sausage tasting party meant I had another gain this morning – 2.4 lbs to be precise. My thought is that it can be attributed to the water retention from the extra salt, as well as the late weigh in this morning (9am versus 7:30am). But, I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll post more about it at the end of Day 8, since that’s where all of this really belongs.

Getting back to Day 7 – I was down 0.8 lbs in the morning! Woohoo! That made up for the gain of 0.4 the day before, plus some.

Breakfast: oat bran pancake (the last one from the large batch I made)

Lunch: ground turkey with bell peppers and onion (yum), cottage cheese

Dinner: SAUSAGE! These were not the low fat, low sodium variety, and, in all honesty, probably contained sugar (it’s incredible to me that most pre-packaged sausage does), so I was prepared for a gain from tonight. Throwing caution to the wind, I indulged and had 3 sausages last night, coupled with some spicy mustard and a bit of sauerkraut on the side.

Snack: Jello pudding cup (fat free, sugar free). Not really sure this is an “approved” Dukan food, but looking at the ingredients, all seemed ok, so I went with it.

Exercise: As mentioned above, my evening was spent attached to C, so no cardio exercise was had. However, I did spend about 40 minutes walking through Walmart while shopping, so I think that should could for something!

I feel like I may have eaten more than this yesterday, but I can’t seem to remember exactly what, so I’ll leave it at that for now. I’ve considered (and will most likely) journaling throughout the day as a draft so I can track this stuff more easily.

And now, onward to mother’s day… we’ll most likely get some outdoor activity in with C, although the weather isn’t cooperating with us as we’d like it to. Our sunny days have been covered with gray clouds and the threat of rain. Oh well, we’ll find something to do together regardless.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms out there – be it kids, step kids, “adopted” kids, kids to be or furry friends you call your own.


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