Dukan – Day 6

Well, after several days of losses, I was up 0.4 lbs this morning. Not a happy thing to see. It was bound to happen eventually, I just didn’t expect it during this initial “attack” phase. This is supposed to be the quick fat loss phase… the “shed everything you can” phase. There’s more about it on the official Dukan website.


I have a few theories on why this might have happened:

– Eating too little. I haven’t been very hungry since starting this diet. The protein has been really satisfying and it hasn’t taken much food to fill me up. It’s possible I’ve fallen below the minimum calories needed to keep my metabolism up. Short term, though, I wouldn’t expect to see such an impact on metabolism.


– Too much milk. One difference I’ve seen on this diet is that skim milk is allowed, so I’ve been drinking milk throughout the week. Mostly adding it to my coffee in small quantities, but on Wednesday, I had a full 12 oz, and on Thursday I had a latte. Perhaps the extra cumulative carbs from the milk have negated my low-carb diet. I avoided milk today to see if it makes a difference tomorrow.


– Fruit water. I make my own “fruit infusion” water at home – basically water with fruit thrown in. As it sits (in the fridge), the water takes on the flavor of the fruits. It’s quite refreshing! I had some strawberry water in the fridge that I’d avoided the first part of the week, and started drinking over the past few days. Again, I’ve avoided fruit water today. I’m guessing this wasn’t the issue, but who knows.


– Too much oat bran. Although the website says you can have 1.5 Tbsp of oat bran daily, the recipe for oat bran pancakes I have uses 2 Tbsp. So, I’ve been eating 2 Tbsp of oatbran daily. However, this has been the case since day 1, so I doubt this is the reason for a sudden increase in weight.


– Building muscle. This was actually Ben’s first thought. After that Zumba class and the additional exercise this week, he thought muscle might be a possible reason for the increase. I agree this could be a possibility, given how sore I was the next day after Zumba!


– No reason. The official website site says if you don’t see any further weight loss after Day 5, to move to the protein & veggies phase. I guess this just happens sometimes. So if I don’t have any more losses tomorrow morning, that’s what I’ll do. It’s really only one day less than I’d planned.

I probably should have picked one variable to change and see if it impacted things, but the changes were simple enough to make, so I just eliminated everything I thought might have been the issue.


One thing I did notice is that my body fat percentage (calculated electronically on my scale) dropped 1.7% since yesterday, indicating a 3 lb drop in body fat. This could make the building muscle explanation more plausible. I’ll admit, I’ve never fully believed my scale on that stuff, as I’m sure there’s a large margin for error with the method of calculation. I haven’t done measurements recently, so I’ll give those a shot tomorrow morning and see if I’m down in total inches.


Today was more of the same food wise, except for dinner. We had dinner at a friend’s house – he made some yummy pulled pork with peppers and onions. Dukan allows a small amount of veggies as seasoning, and this was the perfect amount.

Breakfast: Oat bran pancake & eggs (1 more yolk than I’m supposed to have)

Lunch: Rotisserie chicken, ground turkey with taco seasoning, yogurt cheese

Snack: Lowfat Keifer (8 oz)

Dinner: Pulled pork, nonfat cottage cheese

I haven’t gotten my 20 minutes of exercise in yet today – the exercise bike awaits. Not sure if the bed will trump it tonight, though. I’ve been pretty tired today. Again, C was up many times last night – she seems to be coming down with a cold and couldn’t breathe very well last night. She seemed pretty miserable. Normally I try to catch up on sleep while C is napping on days like this, but she had trouble napping today, too, so I didn’t get much time to catch up.


Did some laundry today and the dryer was not kind to my clothes… especially my jeans. I didn’t pay attention to the setting it was on, and it dried my clothes considerable more than I usually do. Again, not a great feeling to try to put my previously baggy (stretched out) jeans on and have them be quite snug. It was encouraging, however, that I was able to put them on, despite them being well shrunk! It only took about 30 minutes for them to stretch out to a more comfortable fit.


We have a sausage tasting party tomorrow – it’s not a part of the low fat regimen prescribed, but after a week of lean meats only, I figure one meal will either not impact much, or will rev my metabolism to help me burn more next week. I guess we’ll find out!


To recap the week thus far:






Protein Only


Protein Only




Protein Only




Protein Only




Protein Only




Protein Only




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