Dukan – Day 5

Five days in and I’m feeling great! Down 0.6 lbs this morning, 5.1 lbs since Sunday morning. It’s amazing how quickly you can fall in to a new routine with a little motivation. I’ve been getting a minimum of 20 min of exercise daily, and usually greatly exceeding that, sticking to protein, eating my daily oat bran allowance and getting lots of water in the past week. I’m hopeful that I’ll get down to a healthier weight and stay there. It’s all about changing habits and not slipping back in to old ones.


We got a little more creative with food today – started the day with an oat bran pancake, some coffee with skim milk, homemade yogurt (this batch turned out much better). We went to a playgroup this morning, stopped by the grocery store and C passed out on the way home. We had a late lunch when C woke up – rotisserie chicken and cottage cheese for me, frozen veggies, fruit and chicken for C. Dinner was ground turkey with taco seasoning (it was cinco de mayo, afterall) mixed with cottage cheese. Yummy and filling.


I got about 30 min of exercise in on our stationary bike tonight. I’m surprised at how sore I am still from zumba last night. It was a great work out! The yogurt I made didn’t come out quite as thick as I like, so I’m in the process of straining some tonight to make yogurt cheese, and I’ll strain some more tomorrow in hopes of getting something that more closely resembles greek yogurt.


One thing I’ve been surprised by is my lack of appetite. I’m actually struggling to remember to eat – an issue I’ve seldom had before (especially outside of busy season). All the water is helping to keep me full, too. It’s something I’ve known all along I should be doing, but it’s hard to force yourself without motivation to do it. I’m bad about remembering to drink water throughout the day, so I end up filling my water bottle and downing it right away, then refilling and forgetting about it for a few hours. Then repeat. It works for me.


C is having issues sleeping tonight – we think it’s teething pains. She usually sleeps through the night with little issue. Tonight she seems to be waking every hour. Aside from the fact that her cheeks are bright red and she has dragon breath tonight (which also coincides with her teething), we’re waiting on all of her molars to arrive still. They’ve been slow to get here. So, it’s more likely than not that teething is the culprit. We gave her some pain reliever a few hours ago, but it didn’t seem to help. We’ll switch over to ibuprofen next if she continues to have issues. That usually does the trick for her.


Looking forward to the weekend. This week has been busy!


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