Dukan – Day 4

Down 2.5 lbs this morning!


With the babysitting gig yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to go on my walk with C (the diet calls for at least 20 min of exercise a day), and even though I’d spent the day chasing after toddlers, bouncing a baby to sleep and climbing up and down stairs for an incredible number of diaper changes, I wanted to make sure I got my required exercise in, so I spent 25 min on the exercise bike last night before bed. I guess the extra effort made a good dent!


Today was another day with toddlers -  three to be exact. Once again, it was a FULL day. I took leftovers from yesterday with me today, and I realized mid way through the day that I probably should have restocked before leaving for the day. It got me through, but out was a bit boring and could have used more variety.


Breakfast was an oat bran pancake again. I modified the basic recipe, and was impressed with the results. I added vanilla extract and an egg yolk, and it rounded the recipe out really well. Nonfat yogurt for my morning snack, cottage cheese and grilled chicken for lunch, more yogurt for an afternoon snack, and more cottage cheese and grilled chicken for dinner. Like I said, today was a bit lacking in variety.


Tonight was my first session of zumba, and it was insane! An hour of fast paced dancing. I was exhausted, but invigorated, by the end. It was so much fun. I’m amazed that my abs are already a little sore from the work out. It didn’t even feel like we worked on abs! I’m excited to go again next week. I may even check out some of the zumba classes offered at 24 hour fitness so I can get more than one class in a week.


Attempt # 2 at yogurt tonight. I know where I went wrong before, first and foremost bring that I tried to accomplish it while watching C! I have not been mastering multi tasking lately. Tonight, I set timers at every step so I’d remember to check on things as they progressed. I gave myself a little bit too much time at both the heating and cooling phases, but luckily I checked early and was able to avert any crisis. I’m hoping for some yummy yogurt come morning.


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