Dukan – Day 3

Excited to say that I was down another pound this morning.


Yesterday was a bit of a cooking experience failure. They were all user error issues, so I may give it another go soon. I attempted a low carb dessert, which I executed incorrectly, and a batch of homemade yogurt, which scalded the milk, then let it sit to long and had to reheat and finally I simply let it sit too long yogurt-ing up, and it was a bit more like cheese this morning than yogurt. And not delicious cheese… scalded, rubbery not so yummy cheese.


Today was an adventures in babysitting day offsite, which meant packing meals and snacks to get me through the day. It actually wasn’t too bad of a challenge. I was successful at making several batches of oat bran pancakes for the week last night, so those were packaged up and ready to go. I boiled some eggs, made some cheese and deli meat roll ups, threw some grilled chicken breast in a baggy and a container of non fat yogurt in my bag. In addition, I snagged a can of tuna at my babysitting job, threw some yogurt and dill in it and enjoyed it for lunch. All in all, it ended up being far too much food. I was content all day (other than being run ragged by two toddlers and a newborn).


So the tally to date is 2 lbs lost over 2 day. The protein only phase only lasts for 5 – 10 days depending on a number of factors. After that, weight loss slows to approx 2 – 3 lbs power week. The pattern of losing a lot up front, then slowing loss later on isn’t a whole lot different from what I’ve seen with other diets, such as weight watchers.


The recommendation for me was 7 days (from the official dukan website), so I think I’ll stick it out before moving to phase two.


I’m happy to be seeing progress so quickly. The fat results always help with motivation. I’m starting a weekly zumba class tomorrow night which should help keep tings on track for me. It should also be fun, an added bonus!


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