Dukan – Day 2

Down approximately a pound from yesterday. I’m not being very consistent about weigh in variables like clothing (usually pjs) and weighing in at the exact same time daily (usually around 7 am), but I figure approximations will still get me there if I’m getting good results.


Still feeling pretty good about cravings and sticking to the all protein foods. Started with a protein pancake with chicken strips and some yogurt. Polished off the rest of the cottage cheese today and used my last bit of yogurt to start a batch of my own. Made a lemon chicken recipe out of the dukan book. It was yummy!


I was pretty tired today, but I also got to bed late last night, followed by several middle of the night wake up calls by C, then her waking up an hour earlier than normal. Still, more tired than usual for such a night. Possibly due to fewer carbs, or fewer calories in general. Hoping it will pass soon.


I’m loving the fact that I can have milk with my coffee again and am really embracing the healthy lifestyle part of this diet that’s reinforced throughout the book. Aside from the extreme protein and protein/veggie phases (the "weight loss" part of this diet), the underlying themes of eating low fat, low sodium, fresh and less packaged foods is something that is good to reinforce.


Ben and I talked tonight about where we went off track before, and how we plan to do better after we reach our goal weights this time. We were too lenient with unhealthy foods the past few years and didn’t have a safety net in place to stop us from falling too far off the wagon. We’re setting personal goals and giving ourselves a max that we’ll allow before it’s time to reign it in again and take whatever diet approach that works for us in order to stay on track. In addition, our new years resolution was to get outside for a family activity at least once a week, and we’ve done great with keeping that. We want to instill healthy habits for our kids and give them a good start, too. We all went on a nice walk this evening when Ben got home from work and even C got out of the stroller and walked part of the trip on her own. It was a great evening – not too hot. We won’t see those kind of nights took much longer… it’s going to get hot here very soon.


Excited to see more good results tomorrow.


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