Dukan Diet – Day 1

Eighteen months after C’s birth,and I find myself 20 pounds over my max recommended BMI weight (35 lbs more than my ideal) and enrolled in my health insurance “weight management” program. After several months of failed diet attempts, and being well past the acceptable residual baby weight excuse period, it was time to get serious.


I discovered this diet in an unlikely way – a pseudo tabloid (Woman’s World) in the walmart checkout line. I’d love to say it was the recipes that pulled me in, but it was the big fat “lose weight” headlines. Even more interesting, the article rumored that this diet was used by Kate Middleton and her mom prior to the royal wedding. Yes, it’s the latest diet fad to hit the U.S. Dr. Dukan’s book just released here in April, but apparently his diet and the non-US versions of his book have been out for years. It’s being called “the real reason the french stay thin.”


The pseudo-tabloid and the internet gave me the generalities around the diet – probably enough to fully execute the diet, but I wanted to read more from Dukan himself. I forked over the $12.99 to Amazon to download the kindle version and read more about the hype.


Day 1 – Wasn’t too bad. I realized that thanks to our most recent diet (Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Body), most of my carb cravings are already gone, so I didn’t have the carb withdrawals that some people have mentioned accompany the first few days of this diet. That could change tomorrow though. I have a feeling it’s going to get boring fast. It’s a fairly limited diet for the next few days – luckily it frees up a bit after day 5 and veggies are added back in

– I started the day with an oat bran pancake, eggs, nonfat yogurt and a coffee with splenda. I wanted to fill up on water early, but our new water filter wasn’t through it’s initial cycling period, so I had to make due with my supplies from the night before and ration accordingly. Our regular tap water, though drinkable, tastes a little like spit to me. Well, more what I imagine spit would taste like, were it served up to me in a glass, being that I really have no frame of reference to make such a claim.

– After C’s morning nap, we took the jogging stroller out and walked to the park, armed with a frisbee, kite, bubbles and a packed lunch. Lunch consisted of grilled chicken, nonfat cottage cheese and a hard boiled egg. Again, rather filling. Good amount of exercise in the afternoon, both with the walk and trying to keep the kite aloft in minimal wind conditions. This diet also requires 20 min of exercise daily (I think it specifies walking, which is good because that’s something I like!).

– Around 5pm, I had a late afternoon snack of nonfat yogurt.

– Ben grilled up a delicious tri-tip for dinner, and he paired it with a salad, while I opted for a nonfat cottage cheese pairing.

I’m excited at a few differences between this low-carb diet and the last one I tried – first, nonfat milk is back on the table, so lattes are back! I’ve been making due with Americanos, but love me some lattes. Greek yogurt is also approved on this diet – which I looked at longingly while C enjoyed hers so frequently. One thing I think I’ll miss about the Tim Ferris diet is the cheat day, but honestly, I think that’s where I struggled with the diet. Every week, after the cheat day, I’d see my weight jump back up to where I started, only to spend the rest of the week diligently eating according to plan to get back down again. Yes, the logical answer would have been to just go less gung-ho on cheat day (which I actually did this week), but I think the better solution for me is to get a kick in the rear from the get-go and see the scale move in the right direction. Ben’s had success with the 4 hour body diet, but it hasn’t been the, “lose 30 pounds in 30 days” advertised. Granted, we made some modifications that probably slowed his weight loss and sabotaged my own (like not sticking to low-fat proteins). Overall, followed to the letter, it would probably yield better success. I’m just not patient enough to wait out another few weeks of trying the same old thing and expecting different results.


In other news… C counted to 10 today all by herself! We were so excited to hear her counting – she really got fired up with counting when we started using it to swing her while holding her hands (Ben & I each holding a hand, and we would count up to 3 or 5 and then swing her). This morning, I wrote the numbers 1 – 10 on her art board and went through them with her a few times. Then later that afternoon, she recalled them back unprompted! Such a happy moment. :)


First weigh in tomorrow… wish me luck!


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