January 2011

It’s hard to believe we’re already in 2011. We had a fun filled 2010 and we’re ready for more adventure in 2011. We enjoyed some nice weather in January and took full advantage of it! Here’s a short recap of the beginning of our year.



A Zebra Ride

Ben took C on a zebra ride at the carousal in the Roseville Galleria. C had so much fun!




Her First Pigtails

C’s hair was finally long enough to put in pigtails! She didn’t like having her hair put up, but it looked so cute when it was done! C had fun playing on her pretend phone with Grandpa Dennis.



Playing with Blocks

One of C’s favorite pastimes is playing with her blocks. She loves stacking them and building big towers – just to push them down and start all over again!



C’s First Bike Ride

We invested in a bike carrier and helmet for C and took her on her first (brisk!) bike ride. She loved going fast down the hills and said “Weeee!!” as the wind hit our faces. She nearly dozed off at one point in the ride, but she was too excited by it all to actually fall asleep. Her hands were icicles by the time we got back home, but she had a great time.

After getting off the bike, it took C a few minutes to walk off the “sea legs” after being in the bike for nearly an hour. She toppled in to the wall shortly after we took her helmet off – lesson learned… leave the helmet on after bike rides until balance is regained!




Chatty Cathy

A glimpse in to the future? We should probably get used to this sight… C loves talking on her play phone



C & Brown Dog

This is C’s favorite stuffed animal – her brown doggy. She sleeps with him every night and asks for him by name when she misses him (she signs “brown” for her Brown Dog). She has so much fun playing with him.

We lost Brown Dog for a few days once and C was sad and asked for him while he was gone. Since he’s not in production anymore, Suzy had to search online to find a collector version of the dog to replace C’s favorite dog (luckily the collector’s items weren’t any more expensive than the original stuffed animals!). After the replacement dog arrived, we discovered her original brown dog under Ben’s side of the bed. Now we have two, so we won’t have to worry about losing C’s favorite friend again.


Snow Day with Friends

We travelled to Arnold to seek out some snow for C and her friend, J, to play in. Neither had played in the snow yet, so it was a great chance to show them what it’s all about! We played with snowballs, used shovels and pails to scoop up snow, and even made a mini IMG_7975_favsnowman.IMG_7948_fav



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