Thanksgiving 2010

(Note: This entry is coming VERY late, so it’s been backdated.)

We had a lovely time for Thanksgiving up in IMAG0130Oregon.

We chose to drive up (saving money and sanity with not flying – C doesn’t do well in confined spaces for very long and is very particular about where she will sleep these days). We left early in the morning and, luckily, C slept a good portion of the ride up. She had a toy laptop with her in the backseat that kept her occupied when she was awake. Occasionally, Ben or I would sit in the backseat with her to keep her entertained.

C had just started walking a few weeks earlier, and was still getting the hang of it while we were in Oregon. She occasionally took a few steps on her own, but mostly stuck to crawling. Her grandparents got her a riding toy giraffe for her birthday, and she had so much fun with it! Her legs weren’t quite long enough to reach the ground, but she certainly enjoyed getting pushed around on it.

During our visit, we went to our local favorite taqueria to enjoy some burritos. Mmmmm… and C enjoyed a lime! She wanted it really badly, and we expected her face to turn sour when she tried it, but she really seemed to like it! (that is, until she got part of the rind… yuck!) We caught some of the action on video.

C enjoys a lime

IMAG0171_favThanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving day started by watching the parade on tv and having some breakfast. C had missed out on spaghetti the night before (she went to bed before it was ready), so we gave her some for breakfast. She ate it right up!

We spent Thanksgiving at Ben’s grandmother’s house and had a great feast! Turkey, stuffing, salads and cranberry sauces galore. We had a great time visiting with family and stuffing ourselves. C had a good sampling of everything, but she was more distracted by all the activity around her than anything else. She especially loved the stuffed duck that Ben’s grandmother had – she wanted to play with it so badly! Here she is reaching for the duck.


Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving evening was spent back at Ben’s parents house munching on snacks, playing games and enjoying the company. His sister’s family was there as well and we had a great time visiting with all of them. It’s great to see our nieces and nephews as they grow – we wish we could see them more frequently!

IMAG0185The trip home was fairly uneventful. We had to cut our trip a bit short to beat a storm home, but we still ran in to a light dusting on the way. Luckily, the roads were clear and we had a smooth trip.


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